19 common blogging mistakes you are doing without knowing (How to fix)

blogging mistakes

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What define as blogging mistakes? Let’s first discuss about this.

At the beginning of your blogging journey, you might be working so hard day and night without seeing any success.

After 1 year, You found no success.

You looked back and saw all of the things you have done is wrong!!

This situation can be define as blogging mistakes.

You might be new in the blogging industry and smart enough that you are searching for blogging mistakes.

This is the main purpose of writing this article.

According to backlinko, about 90% of bloggers do the same mistakes in their first year.

But all of them are very silly mistakes and easy to solve them!

But they don’t aware of them.

These comprehensive 19 blogging mistakes have done by every blogger even I have done the same.

But I don’t want you to waste your precious first year of blogging by doing the same mistakes.

Give me only 4 minutes!! I will cover the whole area.

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blogging mistakes
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1. Not Creating an E-mail List

Every single new blogger ignore this thing.

They don’t aware of email marketing and don’t know how important it is.

After 6 months or 1 year they become aware of email marketing.

But, nobody cares! Your precious first year of blogging has been lost with 0 earnings!

You can’t have a single affiliate sale or own product sale without E-mail marketing.

Suppose you are promoting your content to social media.

10-20 visitors has come to your blog. Visited your blog and went away.

Nobody knows if they will come again either.

If nobody comes again, then you can’t promote other content to them as well as you can’t make any connection to them.

And if you have an email subscription form on your articles as well as in the blog,

From that 20 visitors, a maximum of 5-6 visitors will end up subscribing to your email list.

What happened here?

  1. You have found your dedicated readers.
  2. You can promote your upcoming content to them.
  3. You can build a relationship with them
  4. Mainly, you can make affiliate sales to them

Now, 50% of bloggers will don’t invest first.

They will have anxiety of investing at the beginning.

But trust me, it is the most valuable invest you need to do.

AWeber is the email marketing tool that I had been using for so long.

Most of the bloggers do the same.

If you invest in this little but powerful tool, it can make you tons of money in the future.

If you really taking your blog seriously and want to start a blogging business, then at least make this investment.

Because, after one year you will invest in this tool without any doubt.

So why not from DAY 1?

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2. Wait for people to come on your blog

blogging mistakes
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I know, at the very beginning it’s a bit overwhelming for new bloggers.

Everyone is telling to do this and that. A lot of works are heading towards you.

You might be feeling confused of what to do and what not to do.

No worries. I have an in-depth very beginner-friendly tutorial on Blog post Checklist (22 things you should include)

Moving on.

So, at the beginning of the age, bloggers think that people will automatically come to their blogs.

That’s how they will generate traffic to their blog.

And the main thing, they will put Google ads on their blog.


WRONG! Totally wrong!!

Don’t go for ads at first. Don’t run behind money.

If you came to blogging only for earning money then it is not for you.

Because you have to work restlessly without seeing any light of success.

But, if you avoid these blogging mistakes then I am definitely sure that you will have your first 6 figure earning very soon.

Yes, people will come automatically to your blog but it will take time.

Based on your niche, content creation, SEO, it might take 3 months or 6 months or 1 year.

So, will you only sit for that long period of time?


You should start promoting your blog on Pinterest, quora, twitter, Facebook groups, etc.

Find the dedicated readers.

If you put value in your articles then trust me they will love your work.

Ask people for commenting on your articles.

Ask them for backlinks as well as shout out.

That’s how, You will build connections with other bloggers.

You are new to the blogging world, You have to go to others. Others won’t come to you.

Because, nobody knows you! Start marketing yourself.

3. Don’t have consistency in work

Ask yourself!

1. How consistent are you?

2. Do you have any blogging schedule?

3. Are you promoting your content daily?

4. Do you write 3-4 articles in a month?

Many bloggers comes with a lot of energy.

Write many posts within one/two months. But after that, they lose their consistency.

After 1 month or 2 months, they don’t see any success coming, that’s why they are ready to quit!

blogging mistake
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Another scenario is, many bloggers write 7-8 articles in a month and go away for 2-3 months.

That’s doesn’t work at all.

If you want to become successful in life, you should have consistency in your work.

If you go away from your blog for 3-4 months.

Then nobody will know you!

Make a blogging schedule and checklist.

Have at least a 6-month scheduling plan. Promote your content on a daily basis.

That’s how, you won’t feel bored either.

Let’s think about me,

I write 2 articles, sometime one article in a week.

Beside I promote my content and create pins regularly on Pinterest.

That’s how, you should make a outline of your blogging career.

This will help you to stay away from laziness and it will motivate you to start working.

4. Don’t focus on SEO from the First Day

Blogging mistakes
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Those, who are successful today in blogging and earning 6 figures a month with blogging have taken their blog as a business.

They didn’t came here for only money.

They had taken their blog seriously.

The major factor behind a successful blog is SEO.

Why we write articles?

And Why we work restlessly without seeing any success?

For traffic and for ranking on Google. Right?

Where does that come from?

This happens for only SEO.

If you want to know deeply and want to learn everything about SEO in one article, then you should read “Ultimate Guide to SEO (Step by Step for beginners)”

You should have one SEO plugin for on-page SEO.

I do that with Yoast SEO.

There are many factors in SEO.

One of the main factor is Keyword Researching.

If you are not spending behind keyword researching properly, then You might take a long time to see success.

SEO is not one time process and you can’t learn SEO within 1 week or 2 weeks.

Yes, take time. Start working practically and learn something new.

It will help you to master SEO.

One thing for sure. Without SEO, you can’t be successful in blogging career.

Yes, initially you can bring traffic from social media like Pinterest and Facebook.

But if you want to take your blog long term, then you should focus on SEO from day 1.

5. Poorly designed blog

Blogging mistakes
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No bloggers are talking about this particular thing.

It is not an major issue.

Yes, you should focus only in content, but blog design impacts on readers eye.

Engagement is one of the most important factor for Google to rank any website.

If Google sees, your blog’s engagement rate is pretty high, then it is a high chance for you to rank at the top page.

For engagement with readers, you should have a well structured blog.

You should have a proper about me page, contact page, privacy policy and disclosure page.

You should make your blog mobile friendly because 70% of your readers will be on mobile.

Don’t make any complex design and odd design that distract your readers from reading articles.

I personally recommend AVADA theme for bloggers. It is a complete package within only $59.

You can create any type of website with only drag and drop process.

No need any coding knowledge.

They have tons of pre made templates for you.

You just need to import.

One more theme is GeneratePress,

This theme is used by most of the bloggers. It is user friendly and super fast theme which is a factor for SEO.

You can use one between these two. Check before buying.

6. Poor structure of articles

This is one of the blogging mistakes done by every beginner bloggers and it’s normal.

Because you are new to blogging, you don’t know anything.

But as soon as possible you have to fix this thing.

Poorly structured blog posts will not be read by readers.

Whenever readers will feel uncomfortable with your article structure they will leave your blog and your bounce rate will go High.

You need to take your bounce rate as low as possible.

Let’s point out some poorly structured articles,

  • Longer paragraphs (Pretty hard to read and no one read it)
  • Small font size (The perfect font size is in between 16-20)
  • No eye catchy sub headings
  • No multimedia on your article related to the subject
  • No call to action

These are few things, if you need whole knowledge about perfect blog post.

Then you need to read 22 blog post checklist.

Now let’s talk about an example of a perfect blog post.

1. Make a eye catchy SEO friendly article title that readers want to read.

2. Make custom images on CANVA for your articles.

If you can make a video for each article then it will be better. You can upload it on youtube and simply embed it to your article.

make infographic. It will enhance your engagement rate highly.

3. Write maximum 1-2 line paragraph. It is easy to read and people will enjoy while reading

4. Put your main keyword and related keywords on subheadings. Make sure to add as many subheadings as you can.

Because, many people only read sub headings and leave the blog.

5. Target right keyword.

Because, if you target high competition keyword as a new blogger then it might take time to rank on Google.

Maybe already there are articles of high authority blogs that are ranking on Google.

So try to target high search volume low difficulty keyword.

Try SEMRUSH for keyword researching.

6. Try to keep your fonts in between (16-20px) and if you are using colors to your links and headings. Make sure that it is fit to background.

7. No social sharing buttons

According to buffer and CoSchedule, 70% of blog posts are less than 200 shares.

20% are greater than 200 shares.

And only 10% are up to 1000 shares.

blogging mistakes
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That means, either there is a lack of articles quality or readers can’t share the article because of not finding any social sharing buttons.

So, we have to make sure to add social sharing buttons in our every articles.

There are a lot of plugins available for WordPress.

I am using Social Snap for sharing buttons.

By using that, you can have a Pin it Button to your images.

Don’t show social sharing buttons on pages. Only show them to the posts.

Enable the floating button on the left sidebar.

Make at least 3-4 pinnable images in your content and ask everyone to pin them.

One more big thing is, you have to create that type of article that people wants to share.

If you are writing articles that have zero interest then people won’t share it.

Whenever you saw an awesome post on Facebook or Twitter, you definitely share that, that’s how you have to make helpful content for your readers.

8. Doing blogging only for money

That’s why most of the newbie bloggers come to blogging world.

By someone, they have heard that blogging is easy. You have to only write articles and you will make a lot of money!

My friend!! A big Noo to this!

Blogging is an huge term.

Even you can’t learn blogging properly within one month.

It takes time to understand all the things.

If you are doing blogging only for earning money, then you will work hard for 1-2 months.

After seeing no success you will quit the job.

Because, it takes time to see success on blogging.

I have many blogger friends who are blogging for 4 years.

After 2 years of restless nights they have seen success.

One of my friend have his first sale after 3 years.

But he is millionaire now!

Here is an in-depth article by Dani on “15 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money“. Must read for deep knowledge.

You have to write tons of contents for growing up but without any money.

Yes, you can make a lot of money in future.

But at the beginning age, you have to write and write, master SEO, promoting content daily, making yourself a brand, and a lot more.

If you don’t feel any passion and if you are not earning money from it then definitely you will leave blogging.

That’s why, you have to choose a niche that you feel comfortable and you feel the passion in it.

Because, if you feel passion in the ideas then you can work hard without any success and money.

You will feel enjoyable to do the work.

9. Not monitoring the website visitors regularly

blog mistakes
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Many bloggers ignores this task to do.

You should need to monitor your website once per day.

That’s how you can know, for which keywords are you ranking.

For monitoring website you need to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

By using Google Analytics, you will have proper knowledge about your visitors.

  • Where are they located
  • On which device they are coming to your website
  • How much time they are spending
  • From which social media they have come from.
  • How much page views you are gaining all over.

If you want to master Google Analytics, you can read How to Set Up Google Analytics on Your Blog AND What to Analyze

Google search console is another free tool from Google.

If you are a blogger then you must need to integrate your site with Google search console.

Because without indexing your sitemap on Google search console, you won’t be able to rank on Google.

Because, after only indexing your articles, Google will know you and it will start crawling to your page.

Google search console is all about organic traffic.

You can monitor how much impressions and clicks are you getting organically.

For deep knowledge, you can take a look at How to use Google Search Console to grow your blog traffic in 2020

If you are a Pinterest user then you should be aware of Pinterest analytics.

By using Pinterest analytics, you will aware of which pins and boards are doing well and bringing traffic to your blog.

Pick the top performing Pins and make pins similar to them over and over.

10. No Social media presence at all

social media
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In the blogging industry, you are a new blogger.

Nobody knows you.

So why will people come to your blog?

It doesn’t matter how much value you have put to your blog if there are no readers.

That’s why, social media presence is one of the key factor to build your blog as a brand.

AS a beginner, you need to join many group boards on Pinterest as well as you have to join many Facebook groups.

But, you need to build your own space either.

Make an account by your domain name all over the social media.

Start a Facebook group on your own.

Invite people on your niche to join the group.

Nowadays, people are loving videos a lot.

Youtube is top growing social media.

People are spending much time on Youtube.

If you can talk better than write, start a youtube channel by your domain name and start making videos.

Promote your blog on Youtube.

That’s how you can engage your audience on your blog by embedding youtube videos.

As well as you can build an audience on Youtube also.

Don’t feel shy about promoting your content.

Because, if you will not promote your content all over the social media, nobody will know you!

11. Not using Pinterest and Quora for Free Traffic.

In the blogging era, Pinterest is the queen of blogging.

Yes, It is a huge opportunity for newbie bloggers who wants to grow traffic very quickly.

If you have started your new blog but you aren’t using Pinterest to promote your blog then you are way behind than others.

Because, by using Pinterest, you can make huge amount of free traffic within one month.

Yes, you have to be strategic and need to follow some rules and best practices to grow on Pinterest.

Here is an in-depth article on How to make money on Pinterest and grow your blog traffic.

Another important platform is Quora.

It is a question and answer website.

millions of people ask random questions related to their niche and problems and experts answer them.

You can make a great use of Quora for your blog.

You only have to do is, answer the questions related to your blog niche.

While writing answers, you can give your relevant articles link on Quora.

When people will find your answer on Quora, they will click to your link (blog).

That’s how, you will generate traffic to your website.

If you are not going to wait until SEO works out, you can use these two platforms for gaining free traffic.

12. Not doing proper Keyword research

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One Keyword can change your blogging career.

No matter, you are a newbie in this blogging industry.

If you can find one right keyword for you and work hard on that, it can change your life.

One of my friends had started his blogging career back in 2016.

Back then, he had founded one exceptional keyword that has high search volume but the competition in that keyword was too low!

He had worked hard on that keyword.

Optimized his whole blog around that keyword.

He was making money within 1 month from that keyword.

That’s how, you need to find keywords and optimize properly around the keyword.

After Google’s may update, they have become way more smart.

You can’t rank in Google if you only do keyword stuffing.

Now you have to focus on more LSI keyword.

LSI keyword is a bunch of keywords around your main keyword.

Best way to find LSI keywords is on Google.

Search for your main keyword, scroll at the bottom and you will find the related keywords that people are searching for.

Optimize your content around those keywords, this is the best practice for 2020.

If you want to know about keyword researching, then I have a perfect post on How to choose a perfect keyword for your article.

13. Focusing on quantity instead of quality

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There are a lot of myths on this particular blogging mistakes.

Yes, it worked at the earlier ages like 2014-2016.

But at 2020, Google has changed a lot of algorithm tactics.

Now Google isn’t liking the quantity over quality process.

If you write articles for 300-400 words and publish tons of them, it won’t work now!

You have to be very specific and you have to create quality content to rank on Google.

If you are writing over 2000 words article in you blog then that’s good.

The higher the words goes, the better your article is.

But you can’t fluff all the time.

Because it will decrease your readers engagement rate.

If you write one phrase in different ways again and again, it won’t give you any benefit.

You have to go really deeper and need to cover the whole thing around the topic.

Let’s think practically,

I am writing this article about blogging mistakes.

Now I am trying to cover the whole thing that I know.

I am doing research quite hard and collecting data from different websites.

Putting them all together and making a complete blogging mistakes Guide.

That’s how, you have to write articles.

You can’t just fluff for 1000 words and hit publish.

You have to put real value in your blog and engage your readers.

If you write longer content like 4000 words,

  • There will be more main keywords
  • There will be more LSI keywords
  • People will read it for a long time.
  • You can put many multimedia into your content.

So, all of the things are a good signal to Google and it will be a high chance for you to rank quickly.

14. Write for readers, not for yourself

keyword stuffing
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Engagement rate is a huge matter for Google to rank your website.

This is one of the blogging mistakes often you do without knowing that you are doing.

That’s why, you have to careful while writing content.

You have to write like you talk.

That’s how you can build connection with readers.

If people feel bored by reading your articles, then they will not stay longer.

And if they don’t find interesting and helpful for them, they might won’t come again to your blog.

That’s why, it is too much important for growing engagement rate.

Don’t only keyword stuff here and there.

Put the right keyword in the right place.

If you overuse the keyword then it will decrease your engagement rate.

Or if you underuse the keyword, then it will be a lack of Keyword density and Google can’t find out what type of article it is.

That’s why you have to use the main keyword in a calculated way.

Don’t only put affiliate links all the time.

At the beginning level, try to put only value in your content.

When you will build a trust on the readers then try to sell something to them.

That’s how you can generate more sales.

15. Not joining in a blog community

In every work place or marketplace there are a community.

every experts as well a beginners gather there in a group and discuss about a lot of thing related to the niche.

From there, you can have a better knowledge of what things are right and what things are working for others.

Most of the newbie bloggers don’t even know about blogging community.

There are a lot of Facebook Groups.

You can search the term “Blogging” or “Blog threads”. You will find a lot of useful Facebook groups related to blogging.

Join every single of them.

Not only in Facebook, you can find blogging community at Twitter also.

All you have to do is, just find them and join with them.

There you will see a lot of different bloggers from different countries having the same problem as you.

Experts are available for helping you out.

You will learn a lot of unknown things that you don’t aware.

You can build backlinks from Blogging Groups. Backlinks are so much important nowadays for ranking on Google.

Blogging community is one of the best ways to find backlinks for your blog.

This is not in the category of blogging mistakes, but most of the newbie bloggers doesn’t aware of this.

16. Too Many Ads

blogging mistakes
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This is one of the most crucial blogging mistakes I have been seeing since the beginning.

People only come here for money.

Somehow they have heard that by adding ads you will earn a lot of money from blogging. Just write articles and show tons of ads.

But, that isn’t the process my friend!

It ruins your blogging career.

Yes, you can show up ads at the beginning. But what is the point?

For generating income from Ads, you need to have sufficient amount of traffic to your website.

If you are not focusing on building traffic, how Ads will generate money?

Too many ads gives an spammy look and make your blog slower.

Readers will feel uncomfortable while reading and they will end up by clicking back.

That’s how, you will lose your readers day by day.

Either if you have traffic and you are showing ads on your blog, try to show them in the right place.

Don’t overuse of Ads for earning money. It may cause harm to your blog.

17. Giving up too early

So, it’s a little bit silly but it’s a harsh truth that most of the people only come to blogging only for money.

They even don’t have any proper knowledge about blogging.

They come, work for 1-2 months. Without seeing any success they give up!

My friend, blogging is a long term process.

SEO takes time to land.

It might take 1 year to roll the eye ball and generate traffic.

We have to work hard consistently for at least 1 year.

If you can avoid blogging mistakes and work consistently, you will see result within one year.

We give up too early because, we feel broken when we do not see any progress.

That’s why, we need our passion.

If I write something that I love then it will be easy enough for me to write continuously month after month.

Suppose, I love gardening.

I know each and everything about gardening. I know many secret tips that work for me. In the gardening niche, I can do well than others.

Now, If I start blogging about fitness and Yoga. Will I do it better?

Absolutely no!!

Because, I don’t know anything about that topic.

And I can’t give my best into that topic.

I will give up too early.

That’s why we all need to start our blogging career with what we love. We have to go with our passion.

18. Covering Too many Topics

It was not one of the blogging mistakes until 2020.

But at 2020, Google has changed their algorithm and make changes in lot of things.

In lot of changes, this one is a crucial part for ranking on Google.

Google is preferring blogs with a tiny subject rather than blogs with the broadly discussed subject.

Let’s think practically.

In Fitness niche, there are topics like homework, workout for women, Yoga, Gym workout, etc.

You can’t cover the whole thing in one blog.

It isn’t good practice in 2020. It will take 3-4 years to rank on Google.

You have to narrow your niche which is called micro-niche blogs.

Micro Niche Blog
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You have to make micro niche blog for quick success.

Rather than covering all the terms, you can make a entire blog on Yoga (Only).

You will only write content about Yoga.

Try to cover all the aspects on Yoga and write at least 30 posts.

You will see a huge result on your blog.

You don’t need to cover the whole area. Try only to focus on a tiny little subject and work hard on that.

19. Forgetting about your published post

This is our common habit.

We forget all of our old content for year after year.

We don’t update them. This is one of the common blogging mistakes of all bloggers.

Not only beginner but also amateur bloggers do that.

But this isn’t good practice for your blog’s SEO.

Suppose in 2019, you have written a post about “10 best marketing plan for 2019”.

But now in 2020 will anybody read that post?

By simply changing 2019 to 2020 you can gain a lot of fresh audience to your post.

The best practice is, try to update your content after 4 months.

That’s how Google will notice that you are pretty active in blogging and it will sen a green light to Google.

So, this comes to an end.

I think, i have covered all of the blogging mistakes that I know.

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So, the topic “Blogging mistakes” comes to an end.

By following these 19 common blogging mistakes, you can avoid these and have a good blogging journey.

If you are searching for blogging mistakes to avoid then I assure you, Your time has not wasted by reading this article.

I am not a pro but I have researched quite hard for you.

When I was a beginner, I had a lot of confusion in my head.

I wasn’t able to solve myself. I had studied tons of articles. Combined them all and found these 19 common blogging mistakes for beginners.

But, I don’t want you to hustle and waste a lot of time. Read one article and start your blogging career by avoiding these blogging mistakes.

Please comment here if you know any other worst blogging mistakes to avoid that we can add to this list which we might have forgotten.

A quote from me?

  • I am not a pro but I am in this particular field for many years. That’s why I thought that I can teach you through my articles and that’s why I did some research and wrote about the 19 blogging mistakes for beginners
  • I am personally a blogger, I like to write so much and  I hope this article will help you to learn something from me, and by reading this whole article you can have enough knowledge about common blogging mistakes and you can avoid them.

Like the Article? Want to read more stuff?

I am a full-time blogger and solving your all kind of problems related to website stuff and queries like “blogging mistakes“.

I write articles every single day.

You can find me constantly with different ideas, tips, and tricks.

I have also an article about How to Start a Free Blog for Beginners. Make sure you check this out if you have a passion for being a blogger.

I have a free Blog post checklist for you! Don’t forget to read that also.

Please let me know your thoughts about this post in the comment section. It will inspire me to bring more content like this.

And yes, please tell me your mistakes in blogging also in the comment section. That’s how we can know each other better.

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  1. Very nice Barshan,

    I still remember how hard it was for me to understand Google Analytics. I will not say that I am a pro or something but I can proudly say I have struggled with it. A lot!

    Thanks for this amazing article it is very helpful for me!


  2. #3, #9, and #12 are the areas where I need to improve the most. All the rest are still areas where I can improve! I get a little better the more I practice. 🙂 Thanks for the article and great tips.

  3. I honestly can’t believe how many times I see a great post but with zero share buttons. Why start a business and tell no one? Aggravating when you can’t share it!

  4. Good advice – You’re right, we can’t just wait for readers to come find our content. Instead, we need to be proactive. Marketing should be a BIG part of the process!

  5. Hello! This post couldn’t be written any better!
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