9 Tips For Blogging With A Full-Time Job

Blogging With A Full-Time Job

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With this blog post, I’m going to be going over some tips and tricks to try and help you get your blog off the ground and start getting traffic and income if you want to start Blogging With A Full-Time Job.

This is a very common question on forums and Reddit from people who are working the nine to five and trying to get in a blog as an income source. And I did this. I was working a full time job when I initially started blogging.

And I know it’s very, very hard and it does take a lot of time. And I say this a lot on the channel and on forums and on Reddit. But if you want a full time income from blogging, you do need a part full time hours in, especially when you’re first starting out.

So your profitability horizon from your blog, if you can only put a few hours a day, is going to be where we are down the line.

But the key is to stay consistent and keep working towards it. That’s what I did. That’s what most people who are, nor did when they started their blog. There wasn’t some overnight success thing. It took over a year to get the traffic for them to be able to leave their nine to five job and focus on blogging.

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Now let’s deep into the topic “9 Tips For Blogging With A Full-Time Job”.

#1. Outsource your Articles

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Although the obvious option is to just outsource content generation of freelance writers. I don’t actually recommend this if you’re just starting out.

Firstly, your money can probably be better spent elsewhere.

Secondly, your freelance writer is only as good as the template or article instructions that you give them.

If you haven’t churned out many articles, you’re not going to know how you like your articles to be styled and others. A lot of freelance writers out there that will say that their content is SEO optimized.

This is usually just a marketing tool. I’ve had some really high rated writers produce content for me over the years and it’s been terrible.

This is why if you’re just starting out, I just recommend you sit down in your spare time and churn out the articles yourself, you the basics of ON-PAGE SEO and what Google likes for Rank on articles in the SERP.

And it lets you build up your template and your structure for your articles so you can give a full template to a freelance writer in the future if you do want to outsource and they’ll be able to follow it. Exactly. And work out what you want.

Again, or if you start out, you’re a brand new blogger. I wouldn’t recommend you outsource yet.

We also give services on Upwork and Fiverr, You can connect with us here: barshanturno8@gmail.com.

#2. Learn to write article faster

fast writing
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The next thing that you should be looking to do, in my opinion, is speed up how quickly you can generate an article.

And I know a lot of people who are a lot younger than me, who read my blog posts, who are brought up with computers and they can type ridiculously fast. But there’s a lot of people out there who really can’t.

And when it comes to generating blog articles, well, as well, it’s not just your type and speed. There’s other factors that come into play.

Improving how quickly you can generate your articles is going to be one of the key factors if you’re working a full time job and trying to start your blog, because time is the limit and factor. So the more words you can get out in that time, the better.

Again, I have got an in-details blog post on what I’ve picked up over the years to try and speed up my article creation, Click here to read it.

#3. Take advantage of the notes app on your phone

Mobile note app
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One thing that are used heavily back in the day when I was first starting was to use I don’t even know if it’s still on iPhones.

The old school notes up with the yellow background. That looks horrible. It’s a nightmare, uses very little formatting available on it. But if you commute to work on a train or on a bus or public transport where you’re not in control of the vehicle and half an hour drive, I’d recommend you stop doing that.

I turned out a ton of articles are not not efficient, but most people have a phone with them the majority of the time.

Now, while you’re on the bus or train, gone to work and on your way home, at the end of the day, get churning out an article instead of like an photos on Instagram.

You can also take advantage of breaks during the day as well and get back to that article and churn out and then email it to your laptop or your PC at the end of the day to go through it and put it on your blog.

I know that this sounds like a waste of time, but marginal gains take advantage of all the small time throughout the week that you can use for articles really does build up.

If you’re lucky enough to have a job way in, skive off, you can basically churn out a ton of articles while your current employer is paying for you to do that. .

So if we’re in the UK and we’re not on deployment, on exercise, the majority of the days sat there doing nothing.

Again, I’m not really sure if there’s many civilian jobs that do that, but if you’re in the military 100 percent, you can take advantage of that because it’s very relaxed unless you on deployment, on the deployable tactical units.

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#4. Try A Voice to Text App

voice to text
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Next stop is using a voice to text up like drunken dictation where you speak, and it will turn that audio into a text based article for you.

I have tried this personally, I hated it. It just took so much time to reform it at the back end once again at the article in text that I thought was a waste of time.

But I do know some people who swear by it and they prefer that or the type in the article themselves. There’s a ton of free apps out there now where you can speak and it’ll generate your audio into text based article. Then at the end of the day, you upload back to your blog.

Depending on how fast you can type, that might be a path forward.

#5. Focus on word count/ Time Invested

words count
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The next step when it comes to growing your blog while you have a full time job is to look at your progress is either time investment based on word count based.

And this is a mistake I personally feel I made, back when I started out. Because I was looking at an article based and dependent on how much free time you have on the niche you are working in articles can take a ton of time to generate and I’d be lucky and maybe two days because I didn’t have much free time and I wouldn’t even get one article out.

But when you break that down, instead of looking at it as a completed article, look at the word count that you’ve produced on the amount of time you’ve put into researching and formatting and planning the article and try and look at that where rather than the number of completed articles that you’ve got for your blog..

#6. Aim for 200 words

200 words
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I do think that is a good method and something I’ve suggested to a few people and they have had success with is literally start with 200 words is your goal for your article. That’s not going to take very long. If you know the niche well anyway.

But you sit down, you churn out 200 words. Initially, the majority of people are going to end up doing more than 200 words because of how quick 200 words text.

This is something I use myself as well, as well as other people who I’ve spoke to and get them started with blogging. Multiple times I’ve sat down, said I’ve only got time for 200 words, written a thousand words, later article is either finished or half complete or something like that.

I’ve done five times more word count than I initially planned, so that’s something you can take advantage of as well.

#7. Try Rescue Time

time management
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Another thing that I’d recommend is that you install a free app like Rescue Time on your phone, tablet or computer that sits in the background and actually tracks what you do and gives you data on the back end so you can see where you’re spending your free time.

This has happened to me a lot, where I’ve been on YouTube or again and in my head, I was on it for ten minutes, a half an hour and it’s been a lot longer.

And there’s been a few documentaries on Netflix and on YouTube recently of teenagers trying to guess how much time they spend per day on social media.

And they’re drastically underestimate how much actual time they’re doing with a tool like Rescue Time. It gives you the pie chart and it gives you the graphs showing you where your time is gone and gives you actionable data so you can have a reality check and just delete social media and crack on with your articles if you’ve got a full time job.

The last thing you want is to be wasting your time on Instagram or Facebook or something like that where it’s not getting you anything to help you get to your goal.

#8. Don’t chase high commissions

Next stop is to not chase high commissions if you take in the affiliate route or high CPC Niches, if you taking the display ad route, this is one hundred percent one of the mistakes I made starting out.

I was writing about acne and I had no idea about acne because commissions and CPC were both high for that niche.

But the amount of time I wasted researching it when I could have been generating content, it’s insane looking back.

And one hundred percent, that’s one of the biggest mistakes I made. And I’ve said it countless times on blog posts and on Reddit and on the forums and stuff like that. But in my opinion, you can make almost any niche you think of profitable and somewhere, even if it’s monetizing it with your own product, such as an e-book or something like that.

So I always recommend that you choose your hobbies or interests or stuff, you know enough about already where you can literally sit down, maybe research specific technical specifications for an item and then just crack on and produce the article because you’ve got all that knowledge built up.

You don’t need go off and research for hours. You can sit down and get the article done.

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goal setting
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It’s important to set realistic goals that won’t make you go crazy.

Maybe your goal is five posts per week, but if it isn’t feasible, then a more reasonable number would be once or twice a week; whatever feels suitable for your life at the moment and makes sense given where things are now.

Remember, social media can wait while we focus on our careers!

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Doing this won’t get you anywhere in life but will make your journey feel like a never-ending marathon of chasing after the wrong things and missing out on all the right ones that are actually waiting for us along our path!

Don’t let yourself fall prey to envy because while it might seem as if other people have what they want (readership), those successes came from hard work over time—something we can achieve too with realistic goals.

When we focus on small wins each week or month, then eventually these victories add up until finally one day there is success just around the corner:)

Here is a great article on “Imperfect Action: Embrace it for Life Outside the 9-5 with Less Hustle and More Flow”. You will get more in-depth knowledge with this article. Make sure to read it.

So the topic “9 Tips For Blogging With A Full-Time Job” comes to an end! Let me know your thoughts about this blog post in the comment section! I would love to interact with you in the comment box!

I will see you in the next blog post! Till then – Write, Write, and Write.

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