15 Email Marketing Strategies for getting 4x more subscribers in 60 days

email marketing strategies

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If you are here for email marketing strategies that worked for me in 60 days only, You are in the right place.

In this era of virtualization, Email marketing is still the king of generating sales.

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, small business owner, digital marketer, etc then you’ll be in need of this article.

In this article, I will be covering all the aspects of email marketing. Like,

  • Why Email Marketing
  • The best Strategies that work in 2020
  • How you can do it easily
  • Why you need to start an email list
  • The best email service provider (That I use)
  • How to invite subscribers to join your email list
  • How email marketing can help SEO
  • BONUS: I will give some email templates for free at the end of this post.
email marketing strategies
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Let’s first get straight into the point ( 15 EMAIL MARKETING STRATEGIES).

1. Offer some freebies in exchange for their Emails

Why people will give you their personal email without any reason?

If people doesn’t find something valuable from you then they won’t give you their email address.

That’s why, you have to give something valuable to them ask for their emails in exchange of it.

You can give away,

  • Canva Templates
  • Email Course
  • E-books
  • Offer Free Webinars
  • Checklist of something
  • Free PDFs
  • many more

But, you should focus on the quality of your freebies.

Because, it is the first impression of you to your readers.

If you can impress them with your valuable content, they will convert from readers to customers easily.

You can sell anything to them easily.

That’s why, don’t offer anything that don’t have any quality.

First of all, research about freebies. Look around to other bloggers, what they are giving away for their readers.

Join their email list and learn how they are doing for themselves.

Then implement all the things to your newsletter.

2. Choose the best email marketing tool

If you are investing in any tool, why go for the 2nd best?

You should go for the best product in the market.

Yes, every blogger’s recommendation will not be same.

But, I recommend AWeber.

It is the oldest email marketing software in this industry and working best for me till now.

It have all the features in one place for starting email marketing for beginners.

So it has,

  • AI smart Designer
  • Pre-made Landing Pages That convert like crazy for me
  • Simple beginner friendly drag and Drop email Creation
  • Tons of free Templates
  • Auto Responders

Don’t invest in complex tools at the beginning.

Because, it will harm your readers and you will get low amount of subscribers.

Aweber is offering you free trial, you can cancel it any time if you don’t like it.

3. Timing Matters (Case Study)

Research shows, you have to be very careful about your email’s timing.

Because, there are a few optimized time for people when they like to open their emails.

email marketing strategies
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The main motive of sending emails to our readers is to build connections and if they don’t even open your emails, then how can you build a connection with them?

If you send an email at 2 A.M at night and another blogger sends an email in the morning at 10 a.m then it is a high chance to open that person’s email rather than yours.

email marketing strategies
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From: CoSchedule

According to CoSchedule, the best times to send emails are 6:00 am, 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, 8:00 pm, 10:00 pm, and 12:00 pm.

4. Make your Emails Mobile Friendly

In recent research, 54% of emails are now opened on mobile. Desktop represents just 19% of all email opens.

Mobile is now everything in people’s life.

There isn’t a single thing you can’t do with mobile.

People also love to communicate via mobile phones.

That’s why, most of your subscribers will be opening emails from Mobile phones.

It is very much important to optimize your emails for mobile phones.

email marketing strategies
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This is an example of not optimized email.

If you send this type of email, No matter they open it or not, it won’ give you any benefit.

Because, they won’t take any action from this type of emails.

It feels more spammy to the readers.

email marketing strategies
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This is an optimized email sample.

Make sure to test every emails if they are mobile friendly or not before sending.

It will generate more sales for you.

5. Follow 90/10 Rule

email marketing strategies
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The main motive of having an email list is to generate sales from the targeted audience.

But, if they don’t know you they will buy something from you?

What is the first brand name come up to your mind when you are trying to buy shoes?

Nike or Adidas. Right?

Again, when you try to buy something from online, where do you go?

Either Amazon or alibaba or in a trusted online shop.

Do you ever buy something from a spammy website? or from that website that doesn’t look real?

I think, you don’t.

So, why will people do?

If you try to push them to buy something from you, they will go away.

That’s why, I try to maintain 90/10 rule to my readers.

I give 90% value and try to sell something 10%.

In whole week, I try to give valuable content for 5 days and try to sell something for 2 days.

That’s how, you will generate more sales.

If you give them value, they will have a positive impact on you and they will start believing in you.

6. Subject lines are almost everything

This is one of the most crucial email marketing strategies among the all.

Because, this is the first impression when you send any email to your readers.

That’s why, you have to give 100% effort to beautify your subject lines.

You have to give an eye catchy as well as promising subject line to your email.

The one thing, that wins every time is Curiosity.

If you can build a curiosity to your readers mind they will definitely open your emails.

Now, I will share a secret tip of mine that I use often and it gives me the results every time.

on the Subject line, I simply add ( RE: ).

As an example, RE: It’s a bit urgent {$name}; A huge chance for you.

This simple technique gives me high open rate.

Because, people think that they have got a reply from someone who they mailed before.

It is one of the technique I use often.

That’s how there are a tons of silly techniques I implement to increase the open rate.

Whenever, you are trying to give them a 5-day or 7-day email course, try to add ( DAY-1, DAY-2 ).

That’s how they will remain organize and it will beneficial for them to maintain your course.

Here, you can find  the best subject lines for your emails.

All you have to do is, test everything and implement everything to your subscribers and look at what is working the best for you.

7. Make proper use of Sales Funnel

Sales funnels will take the place of websites in between 2030 to 2040.

It is becoming the most important factor to generate sales to the audiences.

If you don’t have a proper sales funnel then your email marketing won’t effect anyway to the readers.

The sales funnel is a process that someone has to take in order to become your customer from the reader.

If all goes well, they will end up finishing the purchase and reach the bottom of the funnel. This same process plays out for every business in one way or the other. 

sales funnel
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From: https://zerogravitymarketing.com/purchase-funnel/

This is a proper process of a funnel.

Let me tell you in simple words what you have to do in order to make a funnel.

email marketing strategies
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Source: search to convert

Choose a product that you want to promote. (They must have landing page)

Now you have to make a landing page with an opt-in form and some information about the product (This is called a squeeze page).

This is where you will be collecting all the emails from your readers.

You will need a bridge page also. (Connects squeeze page to the sales page)

After giving their email addresses, they will go to the bridge page where they will see some sort of videos about the product.

If they want to buy the product or want to know more about the product then they will go to the main sales page.

But, if anyone has given their email address but don’t buy the product. No worries, you have their emails.

Start pitching about the product.

8. A/B Test everything

email marketing strategies
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Source: Optimizely

In one email, there are a few elements like,

  • subject lines
  • call to action
  • visuals
  • buttons
  • anchor text
  • and many more

By A/B testing you have to find the perfect one for you.

What does A/B testing really mean?

In one simple word, A/B testing is tweaking things.

You have to implement different types of headings, different types of visual for your emails.

Choose the style that works the best for you.

One research says, Changing the word “Free Trial” to “Free Access” have increases sales by 300%.

It’s a simple tweak but a powerful one.

That’s how, you need to tweak your things regularly and you will see more results from this.

Yes, you must need to research more and more about the elements.

You have to follow tons of other emails from other bloggers that are already working and generating them sales.

9. Add urgency to your emails

email marketing strategies
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Source: Seekpng

It’s a human psychology, When people see a timeline they take action fast.

That’s why, it is an another powerful techniques for generating more sales.

But, there is a proper time for adding urgency to your email.

Because, you can’t show urgency to cold subscribers (Recently added).

It won’t be beneficial for you.

Because they even don’t know you. If you push them to buy something from you, they will unsubscribe you.

That’s why, you have to apply this technique in proper time.

Suppose, you can add urgency to those subscribers who had bought something from your email before.

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Here is an urgency popup of mine for lead capturing. This type of technique you need to implement in your emails.

By simply adding a countdown or applying a specific end date will be enough.

When they have enough faith, they will think that you are trying to give them a good product within a good discount price.

There are a few power words to add urgency to your email like “Take action now”, “Instant”, “fast”, “Closing soon” and many more.

10. Add recipient’s Name (Personalization)

Personalization is really matters to email marketing.

Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates, but 80% brands don’t use them.

Personalizing your emails will increase engagement rate.

Don’t talk like a bot on you emails, talk like one to one.

That’s why, mentioning their names is a powerful trigger.

Treat your subscribers like normal people.

In the real life how you talk to your friends, talk to your subscribers as same.

If you are not personalizing your marketing emails, you are missing a lot of sales opportunities.

One of my email’s subject line was “{Name}, do you have one minute for me?”.

It went like crazy. I got 97% open rate to that email.

It happened because, they feel some connection and curiosity in that email.

email marketing strategies
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You have to do something similar in your niche.

Try to engage more and more before selling anything to your subscribers.

11. Use social proof for more sells

Let’s think one thing,

If you go to a restaurant, enters in it and see no one is there.

How will you feel?

A little bit wired, right?

That’s how your email subscribers will feel when they want to buy something from your link but they see no social proof.

It’s nothing but a human psychology.

People prefer doing that thing what other are doing.

They feel courage to do it.

That’s why social proof is too much important in marketing.

You can add testimonials with name and image.

It is a great option.

Either you can upload some screenshots of other peoples comments.

Whenever people will see some screenshots, they will think that you are the right choice for them.

There are a lot of email marketing strategies out there in the market.

But this is most tricky yet powerful email marketing strategy.

12. Surprise freebies for your subscribers

email marketing strategies
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This works really well in email marketing.

You should use this technique for more engagement.

people loves exclusive content.

You should send them a surprise freebie in a month.

It can be anything.

But make the title eye catchy like “A surprise freebie consultancy for you”

They will engage more and you can connect with them more.

For my email subscribers, I offer a free e-book on blogging success as a lead magnet.

But after few days, I offer another 7-day email course on Make money with a new blog for free.

You don’t have to give only freebies. It’s nothing like that.

You can give them a special discount also.

If you find some discount on a product.

Let them know. They will much happy to buy them.

You can share your secret strategies with them.

Send them something that you didn’t gave it anywhere.

Don’t only try to sell things to them. You have build a strong bond with your email subscribers.

That’s how, you will automatically generate more sells.

Send them emails on the weekend.

Such as, black friday sales, christmas sale, or something like flash sale.

13.Content: Visuals and Copywriting

Visuals engage more than only writing based article.

There are a lot of people, who only scroll down by seeing only visuals and headlines.

Even I often do the same.

That’s why visuals are also important in your email marketing strategy.

Because, if people see some interesting things in your email, they are more likely to know about you more.

Another important element is copy writing as like as visuals.

You can’t just fluff with your email subscribers.

You have to give value with them.

But, you can tell a line in different ways. You have to choose the best words.

That is called copy writing.

The main focus is to engage people with your words and visuals.

Research of Buzzsumo says, about 64% of people only scroll down seeing the visuals and headlines.

So, you have to focus more on this.

14. Use “Cliff Hanger”

Did you have ever seen any series like “Game of Thrones”? or anything else.

In every series, you will notice one thing.

At the ending part, they try to put some scenes that directly connect to the next episode.

They grow more curiosity for the next scene.

As a result, people waits eagerly for the next episode.

But, nowadays, it is using as a technique in the email marketing industry.

It is a great technique to build curiosity in your email subscribers.

Put some connectable lines at the ending part of your email.

Cliff hanger
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You can see in this email. I technically connect the topic of my next email and what is the benefits of the next email.

It is called “Cliff Hanger”.

cliff hanger
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Here is another example of this technique.

Don’t just copy my words. Try to put some interactive words on behalf of you.

Choose your words wisely according to your niche.

15. Re-engage inactive subscribers

It is one of the most hardest email marketing strategies to do.

Because, it is very tough to re engage the inactive subscribers.

So, what does inactive subscriber means?

A person who haven’t opened any emails from you.

Either he/she have no interest of you or he/she is busy while you are emailing.

There can be another scenario.

Your emails might have been going to the spam folder or promotion folder.

That’s why, they are not giving attention to you.

So, you have to make sure that, you all email should go to the primary tab in their inbox.

In this case, Aweber does its job very perfectly.

This software makes sure that all of your emails are going to the primary tab. You don’t have to take stress about that.

Let’s tell you the strategies that I implement to re-engage my email subscribers.

At first, I give my free e-book to everyone who have joined my list.

After 2 days, again I give them a free 7-day email course on “Make money with a new blog”

After the end of this course, Whoever I see inactive I move them to a new group where I put them all together.

Then I offer them a free consultancy service. It can be anything like SEO, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

In the consultancy period I can talk to them one to one. That’s how, I can engage more with them.

Then whoever hasn’t accept my free consultancy service, I tell them to unsubscribe them.

Because, if they are not accepting all my free services then how can I expect that they will buy something from me.

This is my simple yet powerful strategy to re-engage the inactive subscribers.

Email marketing helps small businesses by providing positive ROI (Increasing Revenue). Email allows you to reach a wide as well as targeted audience while also keeping costs relatively low, leading to positive revenues. Email drives more traffic to your company website. It is an evergreen way to make more sales from your customers.

You need some kind of targeted audience, related to your niche. An Email Provider (I prefer Aweber) and consistent hard work on building relationships with customers.

There are a lot of email marketing tools that are available in the industry. Such as Convertkit, MailerLite, Aweber, GetResponse, etc. I recommend using Aweber for email marketing. It is all in one solution pack and beginner-friendly.

First of all, you should have a blog. In your blog, you can offer freebies like e-books, Webinars, Courses, Checklists, Templates, etc to invite readers to become your subscribers.

You can promote your affiliate links to your email list or you can promote your own products to your email list. If they buy something from your link. You will make money.


So, the topic “email marketing strategies” comes to an end.

By following these 15 email marketing strategies, you can start your email marketing properly.

If you are searching for email marketing strategies for beginners to advance level then I assure you, Your time has not wasted by reading this article.

I am not a pro but I have researched quite hard for you.

When I was a beginner, I had a lot of confusion in my head.

I wasn’t able to solve myself. I had studied tons of articles. Combined them all and found these easy actionable 15 email marketing strategies.

But, I don’t want you to hustle and waste a lot of time. Read one article and start implementing these email marketing strategies

Please comment here if you know any other email marketing strategies that we can add to this list which we might have forgotten.

A quote from me?

  • I am not a pro but I am in this particular field for many years. That’s why I thought that I can teach you through my articles and that’s why I did some research and wrote about the 15 email marketing that worked for me.
  • I am personally a blogger, I like to write so much and  I hope this article will help you to learn something from me, and by reading this whole article you can have enough knowledge about common blogging mistakes and you can avoid them.
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Like the Article? Want to read more stuff?

I am a full-time blogger and solving your all kind of problems related to website stuff and queries like “email marketing strategies“.

I write articles every single day.

You can find me constantly with different ideas, tips, and tricks.

I have also an article about How to Start a Free Blog for Beginners. Make sure you check this out if you have a passion for being a blogger.

I have a free Blog post checklist for you! Don’t forget to read that also.

Please let me know your thoughts about this post in the comment section. It will inspire me to bring more content like this.

And yes, please tell me email marketing strategies for your business also in the comment section. That’s how we can know each other better.

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email marketing strategies
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email marketing strategies
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  1. Thanks for this post!! I’m actuallt working ok #1, coming up with a freebie resource to offer in exchange for emails!!

  2. Timing is an interesting one. Especially when catering to a US audience, because they’re distributed over time zones. I’ve still not found a sweet spot.

    • Haha, I also didn’t know about the timezone joanna. But it is very effective. And that little tip helped me a lot by increasing open rate.

  3. I enjoyed the article and appreciate the advice. I currently only have two people on my email list and I know it’s the key to success when it comes to building traffic, money and loyal supporters on the blog. So I definitely need to get better at it. Even though my blogging style is a bit unique, the fundamentals are important.

    • I appreciate your unique style. People will love it. Yes, you are right the fundamentals are important. You have now 2 people, one you will have 20,000.

    • Hey Kaitlyn. If you have joined the mailing list, Your templates are on the way. But, it is not the end. I will give you free ebook+ canva templates+ 7-day course. All of these are free of cost. Stay tuned

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