How to become an entrepreneur

become an entrepreneur

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For becoming an entrepreneur, first of all, you have to find the right business for you. You have to plan your business properly and make sure that your plan is well organized. Most importantly you have to find your target audience or For whom your business is? You have to build up your network area. It is the most important work for becoming an entrepreneur. sell your idea to people and market your product.

This is the main concept of how to become an entrepreneur.

Look there are many wrong ways of starting entrepreneurship. That’s why 60% of people fail to succeed. People often walk through the Wrong Way and They can’t be an entrepreneur at all.

For starting as a beginner, you don’t need to invest any kind of money at all. Yes, It is good and professional to invest in entrepreneurship but remember my friend, there are always alternative ways available.

The alternative ways are always difficult but if you have the mindset then you can achieve success.

This is an in-depth tutorial of how to become an entrepreneur and how can you generate income through entrepreneurship.

Let’s get into it.

become an entrepreneur
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Little Thing about “Entrepreneur”

If you question me what is an entrepreneur, so I’ll tell you there are tons of articles and videos on the internet of teaching what is an entrepreneur. But trust me, It doesn’t make me sense.

If you are finding How to become an entrepreneur so that you have the knowledge of what is an entrepreneur.

Whoever takes risk about startups with the goal of financial profit is called an “ENTREPRENEUR”.

So, This is the main concept of entrepreneur but people are making it very complicated.

Just remember one thing, If you have excellent business idea and want share with others, just take one step and Startup you business company without thinking anything else.

After taking the risk then think of yourself how you can grow and run your business,

I have told you the strategy of growing your business as a newbie, so hold on and stick to this article.

Entrepreneur Inspiration

Before you start your business you need some inspiration, right??

So let me tell you one story. Then I’ll give you some examples of a successful entrepreneur.

When I was a teen, I had a friend of mine who was a bad student and we think that he will be lost from his actual life soon.

But one day, he gave a status on Instagram about his first earning at the age of 18. We were shocked.

When I asked him, what is he doing, He told me he had taken a risk and form his small business company. It was about “Security provider”

But he takes the risk in an innovative way. when everyone was providing typical traditional security guards in our area. He took an exceptional step.

He gave the guard training of speaking English, well manner and modern looking and bringing female security guard day by day.

Now he is a Millionaire and one of the top VIP people in our area. But we all are struggling to make money.

See?? How life changes?

You have to take one single innovative step without any thought. Put your effort and bring new ideas to your small area. Market yourself in that particular area.

become an entrepreneur
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Whenever you will take the one step further. Trust me innovative ideas will come up on your head automatically.

You will grow with time definitely.

Is Being Entrepreneur is right for you?

There are few common characteristics in all other successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur should have the quality of taking risk. Because entrepreneurship is all about taking calculated risk.

It won’t be give you any benefit, if you take risk without calculation.

If you can calculate the risk, then it won’t be an risk! Confusing?

Look If you research about the risk deeply. You’ll be know the pros and cons of that risk and you’ll be know everything about that risk.

Once You have all the knowledge about that risk, so how this will be the risk?

This is the CORE SECRET of being an Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur always take calculated risk.

Another top most characteristics of entrepreneur is becoming own boss.

Do you really love the (9-5) jobs and obey your boss??

If you have some problem with obeying the boss rather then you should try to startup your own business and become your own boss.

Becoming your own boss, you’ll find the independence of your life.

Just hard work for 6-8 months. Build your business foundation properly and guess what!! you will be free for the rest of your life.

How you can be an Entrepreneur

So, basically every entrepreneur has his/her own story of being at that place. If also two different people are in the same category as their business. It doesn’t the thing that every step will be right for both of the people

Everybodies purpose is different.

You have to find your own purpose. What are you comfortable for? what type of things encourage you for doing the job done.

But there are some small and basic steps for becoming an entrepreneur.

These are:

  • Find Your comfortable Industry or Niche
  • Research more and more about your market. Because they are everything
  • Educate yourself properly that you know everything about the business topic.
  • Build you business slowly. Remember one thing “Slow and steady wins the race”

So, let’s discuss about these common topics deeply and see some examples

If you want to be an entrepreneur with no money then Read this article.

Step 1: Find the Industry

It is an obvious and risky step ever. Tons of people want to become an entrepreneur but they don’t take a step further.

Imagine yourself, what the thing you like most about working. What is the most comfortable zone of yours? In which category you have been working for years? These are questions of Finding a very perfect industry for you.

Suppose, you have worked in a restaurant for years. So, you know everything about a restaurant. How does it work? How to hire a chief? How to collect customer? How to promote the restaurant?

All the things are ahead of yourself and you have working there and watched all the things.

So, What are you waiting for? you have got your most perfect industry.

Take the first step, open a restaurant and grow your business like you were doing all the years before.

Step 2: Research more about the Market

As I said earlier, the Market is everything. The target audience is everything for you. You have to research the audience so deeply that no other human being has done before in your area.

Don’t think big. Think Smart. Don’t think about the whole country, First think about your area. see how it goes

What are the responses you are getting? The bad impact and the good impact. Follow these very carefully then think about growth in the country.

That’s how a business runs. Successful businessmen didn’t even think outside the area first.

But when the business grows and slowly they were knowing everything. Every pros and cons were in the hand. Then they started thinking about growing their business more.

And Guess What? After once you have the foundation of your business. You have grown your business yin your local area then it’s so easy to grow in a country.

Automatically things will happen to you.

Step 3: Educate Yourself

One thing you have to be sure that, you are a self made person. No one will help you to be an successful person

Entrepreneur is becoming your own boss. If you don’t struggle with your work, you can’t win the race.

Education is not about only reading books and going to an MBA college. You have to gain knowledge from everywhere. You have to know everything about your business.

become an entrepreneur
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The more you study for your business, the more you gain knowledge about doing business and the more you can grow your business.

Step 4: Not in a hurry

Yes, You heard right and you know the term ” Slow and Steady wins the race”

So, yeah you need to have patience. You need to focus on the particular topic. The business is not going anywhere neither the market.

Just one thing that you need to do is keep patience and take the exact steps what is needed. You have be calm and take time.

Suppose If you are taking 3 days for one work, then I’ll recommand you to take 5-6 days for that particular task.

Get the work done completely with cleanliness and perfection.

That’s how your business will grow slow but I assure that it won’t fall. You won’t be fail at all.

so that, whenever you are doing hurry. Wait, drink a glass of water and then again work slowly.

If you do hurry, then maybe a few small things will cause the business a great harm.

Marketing Ideas

Okay, It is maybe the most crucial part of this blog post. I will request you to please read this point very carefully.

What is marketing?

Basically, in simple words, marketing is a process of promoting your business or products to interested customers.

As an example, A family is trying to buy a smart TV, so in this case, you can’t market about the computer or radio in front of them.

You have to market the perfect product in the perfect time.

But, first of all, you have to market yourself and your business first. This is the very first task of marketing.

If anyone doesn’t know that you are available for them, so why would they come to you?

I have studied tons of biography and a few similar marketing steps I got. But For 2020 I have moderate them and find the best results. Want to know them? let’s see them,

  • Open an Instagram Account for your business. You can promote your business on Instagram with aesthetic pictures. If you can create a few Informative videos then that would be great.
  • Open a Pinterest business account. Nowadays, Pinterest is the best platform for getting traffic.
  • Build a website for you. It’s very easy and you can do it yourself for free. By the way. I have a complete step by step beginner tutorial on How to Create a website for free. It’ll help you a lot. If you are new on this and want full guidance.
  • Tell every friend, relatives and your neighbors also. It helps a lot for starting a local business in your area.
  • At first, for the sake of promoting, give some free products to the customer in exchange ask them for a review. It is the Milestone step for you. You can have the proper idea about your targeting audience=. What do they think about your product? The Pros and cons, All things will be clear in front of you.

One Secret quote

If you want to become an entrepreneur first of all, you have to act like an successful entrepreneur. Act with people that you have achieved success. You have to tell yourself that I am a successful entrepreneur rather than I will become a successful entrepreneur.

Home entrepreneur

Everyone wants their freedom. So, why not become a home entrepreneur.

Look, I am giving you an example.

Suppose, you want to start your career in e-Commerce.

So if you want to become a home entrepreneur than you don’t have open a shop.

You can create a Facebook page and start promoting your business and stock the product in your house. So it will be a remote business.

Or, you can sell digital products or start doing Affiliate marketing.

Start a blog and promote your products as well as affiliate products. That’s how you are becoming an influencer also.

Or another way is to start freelancing, In that way, you won’t have a boss. You can do what kind of work you like to do.

By the way, I have an in-depth step by step beginner-friendly article on How to start a blog. You can make a blog for free by following these steps.

I had given some of the examples of what home entrepreneur is, There are tons of examples of becoming a home entrepreneur.

I had told you earlier, self learning is the best way to become successful.

Start researching about the home entrepreneur, if you really have some passion about it.

Entrepreneur Life

Everyone wants to know egarly,

  • How Entrepreneur life is?
  • what kind of difficulty do they face?
  • How they handle all this?
  • how they become successful?

So, if you want to know what is the best way of living in life? I’ll say becoming an entrepreneur.

If you want the freedom of your work, If you want to be your own boss, you have to become an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs work remotely, work hard but with fun. They have the opportunity to travel all over the world.

They are earning money in sleep as well.

Whenever You will have the feeling that you are earning in your sleep, you become successful.

Entrepreneur achieves everything, what they want. Suppose, Money, Fame, Relationship, becoming the VIP person, Wealth, Health.

All the things one person needs to be happy in one’s life, an entrepreneur can achieve them.

become an entrepreneur
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But these achievements doesn’t come overnight. You have to struggle with all the hard things ever you can imagine.

But trust me, Work hard for 2-3 years. Grow your business and lead your dream life. You can spend the whole life joyfully and happily.

If you really want to become an entrepreneur, you have to be a multitasking person. You have to handle all the things all alone.

One very great trick is, Do brainstorming all day. Through brainstorming, you can do many things at one time.

Think about many matters and solve the problems altogether. This is the best practice of being a multitasking person.

become an entrepreneur
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Entrepreneur Ideas for Small Businesses

Here are few small business ideas which are pretty much profitable in 2020.

There Are 7 excellent ideas in this blog article also. You can read this by Clicking here

Freelancers vs. Entrepreneurs

There is a Myth about freelancing and entrepreneurship. Most often people think that freelancing is becoming an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur is an diverse topic and freelancing is a kind of part.

Freelancing is working from home for different clients. There is no particular boss in freelancing. Which work you like to work, you can do that in the freelancing field. You get paid for your work.

But entrepreneurs don’t work for others, they work for themselves and grow their own business remotely or practically.

Basic Definition

Freelancing: Self-employed and hired to work for different companies or individual clients on particular assignments at the different marketplace.

Entrepreneur: A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit and doing all the things for themselves, not for others.


So, If you really want to become an entrepreneur than you have to implement all these things in your life.

As I said earlier in this blog, 70% of people don’t take the first step to achieve their dream life.

Trust me, if you have passion about an particular category than please take your first step. Maybe it can change your life and you can lead your dream life properly.

Make sure to follow this article properly, I hope it will help you a lot and I have given some links in the article, make sure to read them also because you will be need all the things to start your business.

Please comment down, if I helped you 1%. If I gave you 1% information and encouraged you a little bit then feel free to give me feedback on the comment section. It will make my day.

A quote from me?

  • I am not a pro but I am in this particular field for many years. That’s why I thought that I can teach you through my articles and that’s why I did some research and wrote about How to become an entrepreneur.
  • I am personally a blogger, I like to write so much and  I hope this article will help you to learn with me and by reading this whole article you can have enough knowledge about How to become an entrepreneur.

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