How to become Influencer

How to become an influencer

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If you are willing to lead your dream life and want to become famous as well as earn passive income, then definitely you are searching for how to become an influencer.

Becoming an influencer is a very good choice for you if you have passion in your Niche.

There must be a lot of confusion are heading in-front of you. When I was a beginner and searching here and there for how to become an influencer. I couldn’t find any quality article.

I had worked hard and researched more and more about how to become an influencer.

And you know what? I have collected tons of secrets of becoming an influencer.

I have gathered all these pieces of stuff and written it here. I have shared all the things you have to do for becoming a social media influencer.

Many of us want to become famous and for becoming famous as well as earning money, you have to sell yourself.

Selling yourself, gathering an audience, and leading a community is all about the influencer.

Many of us are confused between Entrepreneur and Influencer.

Entrepreneur is totally a different thing.

If you have the same confusion, then I have an in-depth article on How to Become an Entrepreneur.

You must need to read the article first.

When I was a beginner, I needed some motivation as well as some inspiration. I was looking for in-depth guidelines.

I had started with a blog and slowly become influencer.

By the way, if you need a free blogging website. I have a cool impactful article for you.

If you don’t know about blogging, trust me you are way behind. Go grab some free knowledge in this linked article.

I have written an in-depth article on “How to Start a Free Blog for Beginners”

I know You are looking the same thing. That’s why I’m making this in-depth tutorial of how to become an influencer

So, Before starting this tutorial, I have to say that, you need to keep patience. It isn’t that kind of article where people are telling how to become an influencer in 2 days or 3 days.

I don’t believe in that kind of stuff. But yes, There is always a right path.

If you are focusing in one way then you will become successful within 3-4 months.

There are some strategy of becoming an influencer.

An influencer is not only about having tons of followers. There are a lot of secrets and easy steps to becoming an influencer.

Okay, Let’s deep into it. Keep patience and stay with me. I promise you =, It will not waste your time at all.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who leads a community. Branding himself/herself and earning money from this.

We all see that famous people are always being an influencer. But in reality, by influencing they have become famous.

Suppose, You have 100 followers. If you have managed one company or one brand for you and started influencing 100 followers of yours. And somehow, if anyone buys a product from that particular company, you get a commission.

That’s how influencing people works.

They encourage their followers to buy products from a particular brand and become an influencer.

All of these things are pretty easy but you need to have patience and consistency.

how to become an influencer
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People didn’t become famous one day. They have put all their hard work consistently and day by day they have increased and became famous.

Why are influencers important?

Nowadays people are getting virtual day by day. All the brands are also getting virtual day by day.

But business is all about engagement. If the brands aren’t getting any kind of engagement then their business will fall down.

To promote their business and for boosting their sales, every business company needs influencers.

There are millions of business companies in the world and daily they are hiring influencers for their branding.

So, if you ask me is it too late for becoming influencer?

I’ll definitely say, “No”.

It is 2020 and it is high time to start your career as a influencer.

First of all, if you are an introvert then influencing is not for you. Because influencing other people to buy something or engage with something is not that easy.

so, if you want to really become a social media influencer, then definitely you should become an extrovert.

You can’t grow overnight, you have to grow step by step and need to keep patience. Because the Instagram algorithm is all about patience.

Success will come but you need to be consistent at your work. You have to be very busy with your work.

You don’t need tons of followers, you only need to express yourself. There are millions of Instagram users. Followers will come to you.

Apply to be an influencer

Yes, it is fortunate enough that you must apply to brands to start partnership with you.

You have to very active in social media. Because brands don’t know you. You have to put your effort and showcase yourself to the brands.

You have pitch brands professionally. you have to convice them with your skillset.

You don’t have any work experience, neither you have any followers, so why should brands will take you as an influencer?

Everyone is thinking the same thing. When I was a beginner, i was thinking the same thing as well.

But my friend, reality is, you have to take the first step. You should have to try and reach out the brands.

If you can pitch them well then definitely they will take you as a partner of their brands.

Because everybody wants a cheaper rate and freshers.

If you offer them your work in a cheaper rate and do the work with professionalism then definitely you will grow day by day.

Few Instagram Tips for you

  • Post at least 3 times a day.
  • Give (9-15) hashtags in every post
  • Ask questions to your followers.
  • Tag as much as brands you can
  • Express yourself that you are capable.
  • Switch to a business account.
  • Give a name related to your niche ( Ex: BloggerTurno )
  • Optimize your bio with related keywords.
  • Give link your website, Facebook, Linkedin profile

How to become an Instagram influencer in 2020

The first step is to start with positive mindset.

Again, I am telling you, It will take time. Many influencers grow within 3 months and many others grow in 1 year.

But I guarantee you that, you’ll grow if you have enough patience and courage.

Everyone is getting closer to social media day by day and everyone spending more and more time to social media.

So, becoming an influencer is getting tougher day by day.

If you start with a positive mindset and work continuously then the success will definitely come to your door.

The 2nd Step will be, You have to be very active in social media.

Yes, in this virtual era, an influencer is all about social media. Brands want to promote their business in social media.

So, they hire an influencer who is very active in social media. They hire such a person who knows all the strategies and the pros and cons of social media.

You have to customize your Facebook profile very nicely related to your niche.

Give a proper bio and give posts every single day.

Get engage with your friends and neighbors. Tell them that you want to be an influencer and recently you have started your work.

Open a page for you. Give all the business information in that page.

Instagram is one of the best traffic sources in 2020. You have to be very focused on Instagram. I have given some tips earlier. Note those points carefully and implement them in yourself.

Choose a Perfect Niche that you love.

This is the most important part of becoming influencer.

If you choose a niche or idea which you really don’t like, then you can’t feel any joy.

If you are passionate about the niche and have worked on that particular field for years then it will be very easy for you to do.

how to become an influencer
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You have to took a niche which is realy close to you and really matters to you. If you knows all the pros and cons about your niche then that is the right niche for you to work with.

I’ll prefer to go with high competition but within your passion. If you see high competition in you perfect niche.

Don’t worry, Go for it.

Compose a Top-Notch Bio

If you want to grab more and more audience then you have to do SEO in your Instagram profile.

There are many ways of doing SEO in Instagram profile.

One of the most important steps is to optimize your Bio. You have to give a bio which is related to your Niche, Don’t write about yourself and cool stuff.

You have to be practical. You have to put all the related keywords to your bio. That’s how Instagram will find you.

  • Give a link to your website in your Instagram Bio.
  • GIve 5 keywords related to your Niche.

Share Your Stories

I have told you earlier. For growing fast you have to be very active on Instagram.

but how can you show Instagram that you are active?

You can show this by sharing your stories. Make content strategies professionally and then work for it.

Yes, you have to post more and more stories on Instagram. You have to engage people through stories.

Make different kinds of stories daily. There are many cool apps for making stories in the apple store or play store.

You can download them and edit your top notch stories.

Canva is one of the most famous editing apps in the world. There are over 50+ million people using it to grow on Instagram.

You can check it. I assure you, you’ll be amazed to see their features. Try Canva for free.

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In 2020, Instagram has updated their stories by adding IGTV. You can upload videos as long as you want. So you have to upload them often. Because many of us ignore that thing. You have to grab this opportunity to grow fast.

Consistently Post Content

No one have growed over night. Every one has put theire hardwork for months. Then they have become successful.

If you post 30 images at one time and become unactive for 10 days then it won’t help you at all.

You have to be consistent. You have to upload picture, stories, videos Daily. But you have to put quality content every single day.

You can upload 2 posts daily. That will engage more people and this step will help you to grow genuine audience for you.

  • Ask questions to your stories.
  • ASk for a favor.
  • Give some awesome discount
  • Give affiliate links to your stories
  • Create cool animation
  • Most importantly “create content”. Don’t quit.

Utilize Hashtags & Choose the Right Ones

Instagram is all about hashtags. If you want to become more famous then you have to be very careful with hashtags.

Because hashtags are the most important part of SEO. it will enhance your profile. By using the right hashtags in the right place you will have more impressions.

Your profile will go to more people’s timeline. And if they find interest in you. then they will definitely follow you.

So yeah, be very careful with Hashtags. It will boost your engagement rate very well.

Is being an influencer a real job?

Everyone has a typical lifestyle and unique one. But many of us are doing 9 to 5 jobs.

We don’t listen to our hearts and don’t follow our passion. We always follow our society and other people.

Around us, We see every people are struggling with their life. Going to the office at 9 am and coming home with a stressful mind at 5 pm.

We think that this is the only lifestyle. This is one way of being successful.

But, Who is rich today, they didn’t wanted their life with rat race.

They had taken the risk and took their first step toward their dream and guess what, That day they become successful.

If you want to beat everyone you to walk alone. If everyone is going in one way, you go to another way.

Work hard as well as smart.

Influencers doesn’t need to obey their boss. Because they are their own boss. They can work in any time and in any place.

They can travel all along the world with full of joy and happiness. Because they had listened to their heart and followed their passion and became influencer.

Influencers are the top most valuable and famous persons in the world now. They are doing high paying jobs. Earning 6 figures in a month.

If you were born with poverty then it’s not your fault, if you die with your poverty that’s your fault.

How many followers make you an influencer?

Basically, you have to build the audience or followers as many as you can. Because followers are everything.

If there are no audience for you, then there is o you.

Look, there are many ways for gaining followers.

One of the best free traffic source is Pinterest.

I have gained tons of followers from Pinterest. I know you can do the same.

If you are don’t know anything about Pinterest, then you are lagging behind.

Don’t worry, I have an in-depth tutorial for beginners on How to make followers from Pinterest.

So, for making money and for doing the real job as an influencer, you need to make followers definitely.

But, if you can gain approximately 10,000 followers, then you will become influencer officially.

People then will know you slowly and it will be easier for brands to find you.

If you have more than 5,000 followers then you can pitch well to brands. Brands will impress quickly and the chance of hiring you will rise up.

So that, First target to have (5,000-10,000) followers to get in the race.

How much money do influencers make?

The average influencer can earn anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 per year by promoting products.

Influencers promote products like clothing, food, hotels, and even vitamin supplements on their pages.

Influencers with more than 1 million followers can earn more than $100,000, or even up to $250,000, per sponsored post, according to a 2019 Vox report.

But, if you are a beginner, Don’t think about making money. If you are greedy enough for making money. You can’t make quality content.

You have to focus on creating more and more valuable content. So, you can engage more and more people.

Social media platforms are so challenging nowadays. For becoming famous, you have to be creative rather than thinking about money.

Is it too late to become an influencer?

People often ask this question to me, and I always say, “It is 2020 and it is the perfect time to start your career as an influencer”.

Step forward toward your dream life. Take the first step and let things go. You just work for it. The result will come up automatically.

Even, Micro influencers are making a lot of money now a days.

If you can gain (5,000-10,000) followers then you are good to go. You can earn enough money as a micro-influencer.

But you need to have enough knowledge about influencer marketing. I have told you already about influencer marketing.

This whole tutorial is about how to become influencer fast in 2020.

You have to implement these steps in your lifestyle. I have seen a lot of changes by implementing these stuff in my life.

I know, you’ll have the same after doing all the things right.

I have one thing to say that, “Take the first step and let go everything”

 Assemble Your Media Kit

Having a media kit is very essential for every influencer. A media kit is like a resume for your social media platforms.

You can add your description, your lifestyle, What are your niche, what kind of stuff you like, your audience, and your data statistics.

If you don’t know anything about media kit then watch this video on How to create media kit of Channelnotes Youtube Channel. It will be very beneficial for you.

Here is a sample media kit for you.

how to become an influencer
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Consider Joining Influencer platforms

There are many influencer platforms are available in social media. You can join those groups.

You can have enough knowledge by joining those groups because people are always talking about influencing stuff, brands, strategies, and many other things.

If you have to grow on social media, you need to gather an audience, and influencer platforms will be a very helpful place to find an audience.

You can have enough knowledge about how to gain an audience and how to manage them.

It is one of the most important analytics tools you have to achieve for doing well.

By joining the groups, you can interact with other influencers. You are new in the industry and no one knows you.

If the old influencers know you, then they can help you by building up your niche related audience.

Contact to the Brands Directly

You are new here, not the brands. You have to pitch them first as well as convince them properly so they should hire you.

Be Sure to Interact with Brands on Social Media. There are a lot of brands available related to your niche.

Be sure to follow them. send your media kit to them and pitch very professionally.

But, keep one thing in mine that, you have to follow brands in your niche. Because, if you pitch other brands with different niche, they won’t reply to you.

Because they have seen your profile and noticed your niche.

If their niche doesn’t match then you won’t find any result.

Follow other social media influencers of how they are approaching. Watch youtube video content.

I can suggest you this video on how to Pitch brands as a micro-influencer by Sidewalker Daily

You can watch more videos. Whichever you like make sure to follow their rules very strictly.

The best ways to make money as an influencer:

  • sponsored posts
  • blog posts
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Physical Products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Webinars
  • Events

Influencer Outfits

You have to very conscious of your outfit. Because being an influencer you have to sell yourself.

People will se you all around the world.

If your outfit doesn’t match with the “Influencer” title then people will judge you and it will be very difficult to grow up.

For becoming an influencer, you need to make many kinds of sponsored content, and if brands noticed that your outfit isn’t worthy then they won’t choose you.

You have your target audience. They love you. They got some inspiration from you. That’s why they have followed you.

As an influencer, people will copy your fashion style. so prepare for this from the early days.


So, These are the steps that I have followed my entire life. By following these steps I have gained a lot of things in my life.

I assure you, Your time has not wasted by reading this article.

I am not a pro but I have researched quite hard for you.

When I was a beginner, I had a lot of confusions in my head. I wasn’t able to solve myself. I have studied tons of article. Combined them all and found these tricks.

But, I don’t want you to hustle and waste a lot of time. Read one article and start doing great at Pinterest.

A quote from me?

  • I am not a pro but I am in this particular field for many years. That’s why I thought that I can teach you through my articles and that’s why I did some research and wrote about How to become an influencer.
  • I am personally a blogger, I like to write soo much and  I hope this article will help you to learn with me, and by reading this whole article you can have enough knowledge about How to become an influencer in 2020.

Like the Article? Want to read more stuff?

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