How to Increase Blog Traffic for free (11 Strategies)

How to increase blog traffic

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The Most common question between all the newbie bloggers and intermediate bloggers is “How to Increase Blog Traffic”.

Writing articles daily, working hard till midnight to grow your blog but you are not seeing any impressing traffic to your blog – Relatable?

I know the feeling. I have gone through the same situation at the beginning level.

I haven’t seen any huge traffic till 1 year at my first blog. I did some Blogging Mistakes.

But at my 2nd blog, I have improvised my mistakes and I had seen a huge difference in gaining traffic.

How to Increase Blog Traffic
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In this article, I will share everything that I did to increase blog traffic free.

Yes, I haven’t invested any money to increase my blog traffic.

I only just focus on few easy things that are proven already and working for other bloggers.

I have just followed them and that actually worked for me as well.

But I have collected different strategies from different bloggers and I have put all of them in this article.

So after reading the whole article you will exactly know what to do to increase your blog traffic for free.

If you want to know about  3 Ways to Use Email to Increase Blog Traffic then you can read the linked one.

Yes, It will take a little bit time to take off the ground. It happens with every one.

According to me,

1. Create Evergreen Content For Your Blog

How to Increase Blog Traffic
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Many bloggers do this mistake as a beginner. They choose that kind of topic for their blog that has some trend.

But it is not beneficial for a successful blog.

we always need to focus on that type of content that are evergreen.

Let’s think practically.

Suppose you are a fashion blogger and your niche is all about summer fashion.

So in the summer, you will have a large number of visitors to your blog but throughout the year you will not get any consistent traffic to your blog.

For increasing traffic, Niche selection is pretty much important.

You have to select a profitable niche that have some conversion throughout the year.

Another mistake many bloggers do related to evergreen content is they put a particular year in their Title.

Let’s think a keyword term like “10 best morning recipes in 2020”.

After 2020, this article has no value and it will gain no traffic.

For updating you have to again edit the whole article and replace the year’s number.

And editing a published article regularly is a bad practice.

Google needs some time to know your articles and the structure of your article so that they can rank your article on Google.

So always try to create content that have no Trends and people are searching the keyword throughout the year.

You can use Google Trends for researching.

2. Write about the topics people are searching for

If you want to make money with blogging then you have to keep on thing in mind that “A blog is not your personal diary”

If you are willing to rank on Google’s top page you have to create informational, valuable, and attractive content that are people searching for.

If you are targeting keyword that no one is searching for then there will be no traffic.

This term is called “search intent”.

According to Ahrefs, The Search intent is the why behind a search query. In other words, why did the person make this search? Do they want to learn something? Are they looking to make a purchase? Or, are they looking for a particular website?

Search intent
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But you have to do proper keyword research for finding the best keywords for your article.

There are millions of search queries people are making per day.

Some of the queries have high volume and some of them have lower volume.

So should you target those high volume keywords to gain more traffic to your blog?

According to me, the answer is “No”.

As some queries have a high volume of searches at Google that means there will be a lot of competition in that particular keyword.

There might be tons of expert bloggers and Authority sites that are bidding on that keyword to rank on Google’s top page.

So it is very difficult and lengthy process to bit them.

So you have to find that type of keywords that has medium search volume and low competition.

That’s how you will easily rank on Google and because of medium search volume, people will search the particular keyword and you will increase blog traffic more.

3. Implement proper SEO from day 1

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If you want a consistent flood of traffic for a long time then you have to focus on SEO on your blog.

Because without proper SEO optimization, your blog won’t rank at the top page of Google and if you can’t rank at the top page then there will be no traffic.

According to Blogspot, If anyone makes a query on google then 45% of people will click the first available link.

So you might be understood the importance of being at the first position.

SEO optimization depends on many things.

There are three types of SEO,

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

Let’s talk about On-Page SEO.

Everything that appears at your blog is called On-page SEO.

Your headlines, meta description, image, readability, design, structure, etc everything includes on On-Page SEO.

On Page SEO is the easiest yet tricky part between the three type of SEO.

Off-Page SEO is kind of works that you do outside the blog.

Such as building backlinks, guest posting, forum submitting, promoting in social media, etc.

Off page SEO is a must if you want to increase your domain Authority.

You have to focus more on On-Page SEO more than Off-Page SEO because it is easy and everyone can understand easily what to do and what not to do.

I use Rank Math Tool for on-page SEO optimization. Many bloggers use Yoast as well. You can choose one of them and start optimizing your content.

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4.Power of Pinterest

Pinterest is considered as a queen of Blogging.

If you are a total beginner in blogging and you want a flood of traffic within 3-4 months then Pinterest is the best option for you.

For a great start with Pinterest, you can read “How to increase blog traffic with Pinterest (12 strategies) “

So basically Pinterest is a social media as well as a search engine.

About 82% of US women uses Pinterest. Yes, the most of the users are women in Pinterest.

But if you are a male, no worries at all because you can do Pinterest marketing easily.

I am a male person and I have gained 300k+ monthly viewers within 2 months on Pinterest.

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Pinterest is a visual search engine.

If anyone makes a query on Pinterest then they will see a lot of images related to the topic. They will choose a particular image and click on the link and end up landing on the article.

That’s how Pinterest works.

Bloggers uses Pinterest for increasing their blog traffic only.

But for proper use of Pinterest you have to learn some Pinterest SEO and keyword research.

You can find targeted audience on Pinterest that will convert like crazy.

But you have to work hard for growing on Pinterest.

I am editing 15 images daily for uploading on Pinterest with proper SEO optimization and keyword research and that’s why I have increased my blog’s traffic 123% in 2 months.

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5. All about Facebook groups

Yes, You can increase blog traffic from Facebook group too.

It is pretty beneficial for a newbie blogger.

Because at the beginning, none of us have any traffic for at least 3-4 months.

Without seeing any growth, working hard is pretty boring and we all feel so low.

For motivation we need some traffic to our blog.

Facebook groups gives us that motivation.

There are many Facebook groups available for bloggers. Where bloggers all share their experiences, costs, struggles, etc.

In those kind of groups, the owner runs different kind of threads everyday.


Sunday for Pinterest Repin.

Monday for Blog post share.

Tuesday for blog commenting.

So you can participate in these threads everyday and build up your audience.

I always try to engage with other bloggers and ask for a comment.

It’s a great feeling when people read my article and give valuable comments to the article.

It really inspires me to create more and more valuable content.

I even have gained 1k+ visitors within 2 week with a totally new blog.

But you have to keep in mind that you must need to create valuable informational content that will help other people.

If you fluff at your blog and don’t give any value then people will come and they will give you bad comments that you don’t want.

You can read “11 ways of How to write articles that people want to read”

6.Answer questions on Quora

So quora basically is an question and answering website.

People all over the world ask different types of questions daily.

They come to quora for solving their problems. There are also experts who give answers to the questions that they have knowledge.

You will use this technique to drive massive traffic from Quora.

You will answer the questions related to your Niche that you know about.

My niche is related to blogging. I teach people How to start a blog, Grow a Blog, and Monetize a blog.

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I searched for a keyword “Blogging” and you can see that there are a lot of questions coming to me that I can answer.

I can help these people by answering their question.

I will give them a proper answer and at certain points I will link back to my blog or any related articles.

If you will give proper valuable answers to the questions, people will click the links and they will come to your blog.

That’s how You can increase blog traffic easily.

For more deeper knowledge about increasing blog traffic with quora see this Video of Neil Patel.

7. Write better titles.

So it is one of the most crucial part to increase blog traffic.

Because whenever your article gets rank on Google’s top page people will see only your Page title and meta description.

Between the top 10 articles, people will click only one article and they will choose the article by seeing only perfect eye catchy headline.

You have to make eye catchy head lines that will get more click through rate than others.

Let’s say, my niche is all about blogging and I want to teach How to write an article in my next blog post.

If I choose the headline “How to write articles”, would I get enough clicks?

Or if I choose “How to write articles for beginners that people want to read (11 tips)”- would it get more click-through rate?

As you can see 2nd one is more eye catchy, clear headed and more appealing than the first one.

By reading the headline,

  1. beginner bloggers will get more excited
  2. People will already know that there are 11 tips are waiting for them
  3. Bloggers obviously want to learn what kind of articles people want to read

By brainstorming and proper researching you also can create a bold high-quality headline for your article.

How to Increase Blog Traffic
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Few tips for creating a high converting headline,

  • Make it clear and simple
  • Make list type posts
    • 10 tips
    • 10 strategies
    • 10 ways
  • Use a power word.
  • Keep people’s search intent in mind.

8. Include infographics

Infographics don’t directly give you traffic but if you can understand the strategy then it can bring you a flood of traffic as well as backlinks.

Infographics is so much underrated tools for driving traffic.

But people always search infographics on Google.

Bloggers also search for relevant infographics to their niche to upload on their blog.

If you can make proper infographics that attract people and somehow it ranks on Google’s image section then whenever people will search a query related to the infographic’s topic they will see your infographic.

They will want to put the infographic on their blog post and for avoiding copyright they have to give courtesy to you.

They will simply link your blog post where they have found the Infographic.

That’s how you will build genuine Do-follow backlinks as well as their readers also will get in touch with you.

It’s easy to rank on Google’s image section rather than the main section.

If you add high-quality Infographics in your article then you will get more shares as well on Pinterest.

Because people like to share useful and entertaining stuffs. More shares = More traffic.

So yeah, If you want to increase your Domain authority then Infographic is one of the powerful tools that you need to implement.

9. Make Social Sharing Easy for Readers

More Sharing = More Virality + More Traffic.

So over the billions of articles on Internet, about 70% articles have less than 200 shares.

and Only 10% articles have greater than 1000 shares.

social sharing
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Why is this happening?

Because bloggers are not making enough valuable content that people want to share or they are making valuable content but they have no option to share.

Blog posts get the most shares on Pinterest if the article have enough high quality images.

If you are using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog then you should add at least 3-4 high-quality Pinterest pins in your articles.

So that people will be encouraged enough to share your post’s image on Pinterest.

Twitter also plays a huge role for social sharing.

People like to share motivational quotes and useful stuffs on Twitter.

But for getting shares in Twitter You have to add “Click to Tweet” Option. It will get more shares if you give an easy way to people.

You can add floating buttons as well that will always stick to the screen and you want to add at the beginning and end section.

For doing all of these I am using SOCIAL SNAP Plugin.

social snap
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It’s all in one and user friendly. You can download the plugin by Clicking here.

10. Write guest posts.

In 2020, building backlinks is not that easy for bloggers.

If you are willing to use old methods for link outreaching then it will give no benefit to you.

The latest and high converting method is Guest posting.

Guest posting is basically writing article on a particular topic for other blogs.

Everyone wants content for their blog and there are a ton of high authority blogs are available for guest posts.

They will have a specific page for the guidelines of How to submit a guest post or they will give you their contact information.

So you have to reach them and appeal them for approving you.

This is how you can generate a do-follow backlink which is very essential to rank on Google’s top page and if you can rank at the top then traffic will come to you automatically.

By featuring into other blogs is an amazing feeling.

That’s how you will reach to the other blogger’s audiences as well.

If you have gave proper valuable content to them then they will come to your blog as well, and you will generate high converting traffic from Guest posting.

You should try to write 2 guest posts per month. If you do so then your authority will increase within 1 year.

11.Keyword Research

keyword research
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If you want high targeted audience for a long time then you should focus on finding great keywords that are easy to rank.

Ranking on Google’s top page is not too easy and it is very time consuming but if you are taking your blog seriously and want to make it a online business then you need to focus on SEO.

Keyword researching is one of the most important and first steps you need to do.

What is Keyword?

Keyword is a query that people search on Google.

If anyone search a query of “How to make money online” – This is a keyword.

People can search this term like different ways. Like,

  • How to make money online
  • How to make money online fast
  • make money online
  • make money blogging
  • online business
  • best ways to make money online
  • and many more…

So these are the different keywords people might be searching if they want to make money online.

Now after searching they will see a lot of blog posts that also are optimized for these keywords.

Bloggers need to find these types of keywords that people are searching on the Internet and they have to make content around it.

You have to focus on the keywords that have low competition but a high volume of searches. It is difficult to find that type of keywords normally.

For Keyword researching I use SEMRUSH. It’s a proper solution to rank at Google fast.

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By using this tool you will find the keywords that are easy to rank as well as that have high volume.

There are over 6 million users who are already dominating with SemRush. You should also check out this useful tool.

You can learn more about the tool by clicking here.

I have a friend who is an expert in making successful blogs, If you want to learn more secret tips about How to drive traffic, then head over to this guide on She Can Blog.


So, the topic “How to increase blog traffic” comes to an end.

By following these 11 strategies you will be able to increase your blog traffic for free of cost.

If you are searching How to increase the visibility of your blog then Your time has not wasted by reading this article.

I am not a pro but I have researched quite hard for you.

When I was a beginner, I had a lot of confusion in my head.

I wasn’t able to solve myself. I had studied tons of articles. Combined them all and found these easy actionable 11 tricks to increase blog traffic

But, I don’t want you to hustle and waste a lot of time. Read one article and start implementing these strategies to write articles fast.

Please comment here if you know any other ways of increasing blog traffic.

So that we can add to this list which we might have forgotten.

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  1. These are amazing tips! Gaining traffic in the beginning is so difficult and frustrating. But these tips are extremely helpful to start off on the right foot from the very beginning stages of a blog! Thank you!


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