How to make money from Pinterest

How to make money from pinterest

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In 2020, Pinterest is becoming a gold mine for making mone. If you are eagerly want to make money from home and somehow you have searched for how to make money from Pinterest then you are in the right place.

If you are searching for making money in 2 days or 3 days then it is no the place.

This is an in-depth tutorial of making money online by pinning on Pinterest. This is the actual way of How I have made money from Pinterest within 4 months.

My First work was $25/hour. I’ll say my story also and I’ll tell you the proper steps. If you are starting as a beginner, remember one thing I was also a beginner.

I know what kind of questions are heading towards you as a beginner. So please keep eye on it. You’ll find all the answers you need.

so,Let’s get started.

Create a Pinterest account as a beginner

wait wait wait. Before you scroll down. I have to say that, There is a professional way of creating your account.

There are some secret tips for you for creating your Pinterest Account.

  • Create A Free Business Account ( Not the Personal One )
  • Give a name related to your niche or idea. like (bloggerSam, anastassiaBlogger, etc)
  • Give an official smiley face photo ( Engagement Hacks )

All About Pinterest

Okay, For making money on Pinterest you have to follow the right way and the exact strategy.

Now I will show you my all secrets, tips, and tricks and the core strategies which I follow all the time.

I’ll tell you the exact steps of

  • How to create a pin and board
  • Giving title and description, Hashtags
  • How to make free graphics for your pin.
  • How to search for Keyword
  • Rank #1 on Pinterest ( My Favourite )
  • How to Create Impressions fast
  • My Seo Strategy

So, let’s see all the things step by step.

Step 1: How to make money from Pinterest

How to create a pin and board

For making money, definitely you have to pin images a lot with proper title and description.

For creating a pin, You have to keep in mind that your image has to be very high quality. Pinterest is all about visualization. People love to see nice visuals here.

Another important thing is, The image ratio have to 1000*1500 px. It is very important. The instruction has given from Pinterest itself.

PIN: Pin is an image with Title, Description and Destination Link. Whenever you go to Pinterest, You will see all the images in front of you. Those are called pins.

Board: Board is a kind of Desk. All relevant pins are stored on a relevant board. Such as Your Niche is about Recipe. So you can create a vegan recipe board where all the vegan recipes will be stored.

Another you can create a Non-vegan recipe board, where all the non-vegan recipes will be stored all together.

Proper use of the board is mandatory because people can your images easily on their interest.

it also helps for ranking your pins at the top pages.

So, Give a proper board title and description relevant to your pins which will be stored.

So, What we have learned so far?

  • The image size should be 1000*1500 PX.
  • Difference between Pins and Boards.
  • The image has to very high quality.
  • Proper description and title for the board is a must.

Step 2: How to make money from Pinterest

Giving title and description, Hashtags

This is the most crucial part. I am again saying that this step is the most important part of this entire tutorial if you really want to rank on Pinterest.

I have got 2k impressions in only 3 days by following these steps. you have to follow these steps very carefully so that you can also rank on the top page of Pinterest.

Let’s first talk about Giving a proper title of your pin.

  • You have to give an SEO friendly title of your pin.
  • Must put your Keyword on your Title
  • Make it simple.
  • Give a Clickbait type Title.
  • Choose a topic which is people searching.
  • Type your keyword and search it on Pinterest. See other people’s titles. Have an idea, then make one for you.

Now, let,s talk about Description

You have only 3 seconds for attracting people. The first 50 words are the most important for your pin. because these 50 word shows with the image.

People can only see these 50 words when scrolling. so you have to make this count. Give super cool information of your pin which will attract their mind

They will click your given link based on your description. Also, an informative description helps your SEO pretty much.

Give the keywords as much as you can so that Pinterest could understand what is your pin is for and if Pinterest can understand, it is a high chance to rank on the top page of Pinterest.

All about #Hastags

In earlier years, Hastags were very useful fo ranking on Pinterest. But in 2020 Pinterest has taken different steps.

They have removed hashtags and they think that hashtags are used for spammy content.

But It can be useful in my way. You can use Hastags in description but in a limited edition.

You should add 5-6 hashtags in the very bottom of your description. But you have to make sure that, your hashtags aren’t looking spammy.

Give hashtags related to your niche or topic. It may increase your pin. I always use hashtags in my description.

[convertful id=”35127″]

Step 3: How to make money from Pinterest

How to make free graphics for your pin.

So, if you really want to generate money from pinterest then definitely you should have proper knowledge about Graphic designing.

Don’t worry, I have an in-depth tutorial of How to become a graphic designer.

Pinterest is all about visuals and you have to be better at visuals. Because people will click on your pin by seeing your visuals.

So, you have to attract people with visuals. But I have some quick solutions also for this article.

You can use Canva online graphic designing platform.

I have never used adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator. Because has made my journey so easy for me.

It has tons of ready-made templates for you. You have to select only your preferred size and the ready-made template.

Canva has done all the things for you. You can get it by simply clicking here.

  • Save

I have got additional tips for making cool and attractive graphics.

Which is, search for your keyword. Look at all other graphics, How they have done it and what kind of style they have chosen. Whether they are giving videos or pictures.

Make sure to keep the image size at 1000*1500. It is very important.

Step 3: How to make money from Pinterest

How to search for Keyword

The keyword is life. If you want to grow in any kind of online business then you have to play with keywords all day.

The right keyword in the right place will make you rich in a month. So, you have to be very smart with keywords.

So, basically you have your own idea or niche. Suppose, your niche is about Music.

In the music category, there are many instruments are played. so your keyword will be related to guitar, ukulele, drums, keyboard, etc.

But there are some strategies of how to take the right keyword.

Now, I’ll show you the exact strategies that I follow and by following this strategy. I, ve got tons of traffic on Pinterest.

First of all, I search my keyword in google.

How to make money from pinterest
  • Save

Then I found These keywords which are people searching in google related to my keyword. I collect these keywords.

Then I go to the very bottom of this page.

How to make money from pinterest
  • Save

I have found these keywords also.

Then I go to

How to make money from pinterest
  • Save

Go to Create Ad

create campaign
  • Save

Then go to targeting and search for your keyword like “Guitar”. Then collect all the keywords from here.

So, you have found all the targeting keywords and you have got the keywords which are people searching all over Pinterest and Google.

Now, From these choose one keyword and go to ubersuggest ( Free keyword Tracker )

  • Save

Search for your keyword and see search volume and SEO difficulty. If SEO difficulty is easy and search volume is high then you are good to go.

This is how I select my keyword.

In this way, you can find an awesome keyword which will generate your money.

Step 3: How to make money from Pinterest

Rank #1 on Pinterest

This is the thing which we all want. We all want to rank #1 on pinterest.

Basically you have to follow all these steps which I have told you about. If you check-marked all the things then definitely you will be at the top.

Because it is the only process and I have followed this process all the time.

The main part is, you have to be consistent. You have to be always evergreen. Because Pinterest always wants fresh content.

In the first days of my journey, I was putting 5 pins daily and continued for 1-month at least. In a month I have gained success on Pinterest.

In a month I have ranked #1 for many of my pins.

So you have to be sure that, you are consistent enough and make sure to follow all the instructions that I gave.

Trust me, This is the core secret of this article.

Step 3: How to make money from Pinterest

Join niche-specific group boards

It is another method of getting viral in pinterest.

If you are using pinterest for quite a time then you may heard about group boards.

So, What is group boards?

The Group board is like a collaborating place. People from all different countries join in a specific group board and they start pinning on that board.

Every one, who are related to the specific niche of that group board can join and they can pin on that board.

Suppose, One group has 100 member, every member has their particular audience, When they come all together then every ones audience combined at one place.

If you pined on one group board of 100 members. then 99 member’s audience can see your pin. This is really great way to make viral and grow audience.

How to find Group Boards?

so, for joining group boards, you have to find group boards first.

If you are new to Pinterest then it might be a hustle for you to find the group boards on your own.

But, I am here to catch you.

Let’s find some group boards.

First of all, Search for your keyword to pinterest.

How to make money from pinterest
  • Save

Go to one of the top pins here.

Click on this marked profile section.

How to make money from pinterest
  • Save

Now, go to See all boards.

How to make money from pinterest
  • Save

Now, Scroll down and search for this kind of icon on the group board. This icon means that people are collaborating here.

How to make money from pinterest
  • Save

Go to one of them and read the instructions very carefully. To contribute to their group board, they have given some examples. Like here, the author mentioned that, “To apply, email us”. So, by emailing the author you can join the group board.

How to make money from pinterest
  • Save

How to make money from Pinterest with Blogging

This is the best way of earning money from online. Because if you start a blog you can promote it to pinterest. Get traffic from pinterest and you can earn money from your blog.

I have an in-depth article on How to start a free blog as a beginner. You’ll find all the answers related to creating a blog on that article.

Suppose, you have a blog and you want to make money from that blog.

So the ways of making are, your blog should have monetized with Google Adsense and when a huge amount of people will visit your site then you’ll get paid.

But it is very important to rank top on google in your specific niche. Nowadays, ranking at the top of Google is a very lengthy process and trust me, it will take a lot of time and pretty much hustle.

But No worries, Pinterest is there for you. Yes, pinteret doesn’t look at your website is new or old. Pinterest always wants fresh content.

If you really focus on Pinterest and know all the strategies of Pinterest then you can definitely bring traffic to your website within (2-3) months.

I have my first traffic visiting my website within 2 days!!! Yes, I have followed these exact steps and people started visiting my website within 2 days.

so, if you wait for Google to rank your website, then wait for 1 year at least. Or, if you are finding a shortcut way then Follow my steps.

I used pinterest as a traffic source. I have got a lot of traffic from pinterest.

You know what?? Traffic + Monetized Blog = Lot of earnings

Another way is, Using affiliate links to your site. if any person buys from your affiliate link then you’ll get some commission from that.

For purchasing your affiliate links, you should have enough traffic to your website. If there isn’t enough traffic then you can’t convert sales.

Another way is doing affiliate marketing on pinterest. Nowadays, affiliate marketing is very popular source of income.

If you don’t have a blog then don’t worry, you can earn money on pinterest by doing affiliate marketig.

So, affiliate marketing is basically promoting other’s product. You can sell any kind of product through affiliate marketing.

Create a pin relate to your product. Give a SEO friendly title and description and give the affiliate link o your pin. That’s it. It is all you have to do.

But you have to make sure that, be consistent. If you are not consistent, no strategy will work.

There are plenty of affiliate markets in the world. The most popular’s are Amazon, CJ, ThemeForest, etc.

It is hard to sell online and when the customer is stranger, that make it more complicated.

So, my advice will be, you have to be genuine, you have to be honest. If you give your best work and if you can convince people then they will definitely buy your product.

Working as a Pinterest strategist

So, every business person wants to become successful. Nowadays Pinterest has become one of the best traffic source in the world.

People wants traffic to grow their business. Often people search for pinterest specialist.

As a pinterest specialist you can earn 50$/hour. It is kind of freelancing stuff.

Freelancing is working for others. So, basically people will hire you as a interest specialist and give you money.

It can be very efficient for you to do this task.

Your work will be create a proper business account for your client, You have to pin daily based on your clients demand, Do SEO for Pinterest, Bring traffic to your client.

This is how you will be a pinterest specialist. You have to know all the aspects of Pinterest marketing.

There are a few freelancing famous sites available on internet.

Such as, Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, etc.

You can sign up there and create a beautiful profile and start offering your business.

Promote your own products

Another way of making money from Pinteret is promoting your own products.

So, if you want to run E-commerce store, this step is for you.

Yes, you can use Pinterest for your business and you can convert sales by bringing traffic from Pinterest.

If you have your own products then start pinning about your product on Pinterest. Grow your audience.

Show all the pros and cons of your product and definitely don’t lie to people. Be authentic, your product will grow definitely.

If you have a good and needy product for people then people will definitely come to you. But don’t give fake imformation of your product.

Suppose you have

-online courses

– E-books

– Printables

– Furniture stuff

– home decor items or DIY

– clothing and accessories

You are welcome at pinterest. Make great visuals about your stuffs and buil your audience in pinterest.

I have shared all the secrets of how to make money from pinterest.

Implement these steps and I assure you, you’ll be successful at your business.


So, These are the steps that I have followed my entire life. By following thse steps I have gained tons of traffic to my business.

I assure you, Your time has not wasted by reading this article.

I am not a pro but I have researched quite hard for you.

When I was a beginner, I had a lot of confusions in my head. I wasn’t able to solve myself. I have studied tons of article. Combined them all and found these tricks.

But, I don’t want you to hustle and waste a lot of time. Read one article and start doing great at Pinterest.

A quote from me?

  • I am not a pro but I am in this particular field for many years. That’s why I thought that I can teach you through my articles and that’s why I did some research and wrote about How to make money from Pinterest.
  • I am personally a blogger, I like to write soo much and  I hope this article will help you to learn with me and by reading this whole article you can have enough knowledge about How to make money from Pinterest in 2020.

Like the Article? Want to read more stuff?

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