7 steps of How to Start a Blog for Beginners(Fast working method)

How to Start a Blog for Beginners

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So, You are in the same position as mine when I was willing to start my first blog and researching about How to Start a Blog for Beginners on the internet.

I was a newbie also but when I was gathering knowledge about blogging, One thing that I noticed the most is people are teaching very hardly and professionally. Which was pretty tough for me to understand.

I mean to say, there was no simplicity in their teaching style and that’s why it took me a long time to learn everything about blogging.

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How to Start a Blog for Beginners
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But I know your situation, I was in the same situation.

I had read tons of articles but didn’t find any actual answers. So, that’s why I thought I have to write a proper actual article on How to start a free blog, and definitely it is for beginners.

I will guide you properly and trust me very easily. So yeah let’s get into it.

What is a blog?

You are surrounded by blogging. Every day you are reading blogposts but You have no idea about it. You are reading and bloggers are making money through your reading. sound weird??

Blogging is a discussion with tons of people.

A blogger solves different types of problems of mass people through their article. People search on the internet for solving their daily life problems and a blogger tries to solve them all.

A blogger writes an article on a particular field, in which he or she is professional and has deep knowledge. Blogger research the topic on the internet, gather many answers, and write on his blog post.

How to Start a Blog for Beginners
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As an example, I am now writing about this topic because I know many secrets tips and tricks about blogging. I was in the same situation which are you facing now. I know many things that you don’t know and I can teach them all.

Other bloggers are doing the same, solving other people’s problems in that particular field in which they have done mastery.

Blogging for Beginners

I know you are a newbie or maybe you have some kind of knowledge about blogging.

But there are tons of confusion in your head. Forget them all. Read this article step by step.

I have shown the exact way which I had followed to make my blog.

so, Till now you have gathered some knowledge about what is blogging and what bloggers do in their daily life.

Now, I’ll show you the step by step formula to start a blog.

To start a blog, you have to follow a few strategies. People often start a blog of their own and do not put any strategy and thus their blog failed to succeed.

Without a perfect strategy of blogging, you can’t become successful and you can’t earn money either.

If you follow these strategies from Day 1, I assure you can earn passive income from home within (4-6) months.

The Steps covered in this Article

As I told you, It’s a complete tutorial article for beginners. So I will show you the main steps now. But there are a lot of strategies later in this article. Make sure, you read the whole article before you start your blog.

If you walk in the wrong road, then You can find your destination at all. I have shown the right ways in this article. Please read it carefully.

Let’s start with step 1.

Step 1: Choose the right platform

The most first step of your blogging career is to choose a great platform and making sure that it is the right one.

In the modern era, many software made our life pretty easy. For making a website, we don’t have to learn to code anymore.

There are plenty of software one the internet doing this job for us.

Our work is to choose the right website theme from a right platform.

I have a complete article on “How to Create a website for free without any coding”.

How to Start a Blog for Beginners
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Choosing Platform Infographic

From this infographic, we can see that about 52% are using WordPress as their Blogging Platform. Tere are 82 million users till now in WordPress. This platform has a bunch of highly professional developers for making the websites for us free.

Why WordPress is best?

  • Easy for beginners
  • You can make a website by only doing drag and drop
  • One-click theme import
  • No need for coding knowledge
  • Superfast
  • There are lot’s of themes for only blogging
  • You can add any functionality that you want
  • People can interact with you easily

As you are a beginner. Everyone will tell you to choose one of your own. But I’ll tell you to choose WordPress as your blogging platform.

I have a article on Best free Themes for bloggers. Make sure, you visit that.

So, Step 1 done, You have chosen WordPress as your Blogging Platform.

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Step 2: Choose a Domain & Hosting For your Blog

Domain: It is the identity of your blog. People will know your website by domain. For example, We know google as google.com, the same as you know me as learnwithturno.com.

That’s how you have to choose your own domain name for your blog.

Hosting: Hosting is a kind of storage device where your all data files and media files are stored. Companies provide lower packages as well as higher packages such as 5 GB, 10 GB based on their price.

There are many domain and hosting companies available on the internet.

But What I Prefer most is BLUEHOST It is a professional hosting company and they have a pretty fast support option! I mean pretty fast!!!!

(1) Welcome to Bluehost
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It is so cheap that any one can buy it.

I know, many blogger will recommend siteground for hosting service.

I was doing the same.

But in 2020, they have upgraded their price and believe me, it is too high.

Here is the pricing section of Siteground.

Siteground Plan
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Siteground’s Pricing
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(2) Select Plan 2020 $3.95
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After discount, they have higher price than bluehost.

(2) Select Plan 2020 $3.95
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Bluehost’s pricing

You can see that the pricing difference.

You can start building your blog with only $3.95.

The other companies are charging double than this price.

That’s why, for a beginner I highly recommend BlueHost.

Another main thing is their support. Let me share something with you.

Once, I was in trouble at 12.00 AM, then I reached to the support team via Live Chat, and guess what! They have solved my problem within a minute at 12.10 AM.

No matter what time it is, they will give you support. So, don’t worry for that.

So yeah, I have used it and very satisfied with their service.

You can buy a domain and hosting by CLICKING HERE.

Step 3: Setup BlueHost For your Blog

Go to BlueHost.com and you will see this interface below.

(1) Welcome to Bluehost
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Click on Get Started and You will See the Pricing Plans. Choose One of them that fits perfect for you.

(2) Select Plan 2020 $3.95
  • Save

Now Choose a Domain Name for your Blog.

(3) Set up domain
  • Save

After that, You have to give your Personal information and setup a payment method.

After a successful payment, you are ready to go! Now you need to create a password for your blog. You must need to remember username and password because it is necessary to login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Create a new password
  • Save
  • Save

Now give your Domain Name and Password to Login to Bluehost.

Bluehost login
  • Save

Now Choose the Name of Your blog and give a tagline and fill up the queries that they are asking for.

Create a blog
  • Save

Now Choose A Theme among these. Or you can skip it and choose later.

Choose a theme
  • Save

That’s all you need to do. You will see this interface called Bluehost cPanel.

bluehost cpanel
  • Save

Now what to do???

  • open a new tab
  • Search for Domain.com/wp-admin
  • From this, you’ll be able to go to your backend section
How to Start a Blog for Beginners
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  • Now give your username and password and login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 4: Choose A Theme for your Blog

This is the most important task you have to do as well as confusing task.

Because there are tons of free and paid themes available in the market. But you don’t know which is the best one.

When I was starting blogging, I was in the same condition. So that’s why I have researched themes deeply.

What the great thing is???

I have an awesome article on “Best Free WordPress Themes for Bloggers in 2020” (If you are not serious enough about investing in blogging and start with a free one)

Check it out and your work will be easy.

I have already done the research about the themes and now you only have to choose from the best 10 free themes available on earth.

But, if you are serious about blogging and want to make money with blogging fast. Then you should invest in a premium theme.


  • Fast and Lightweight
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly
  • Responsive design

But, there are tons of premium themes in the market. Which one is perfect for you?

I recommends Avada or GeneratePress.

Avada is number 1 best selling theme in the envato market.

It using by a lot of bloggers and you can make any kind of website using this theme.

GeneratePress is another great theme for blogger. It is super fast and extreme lightweight.

If you are finding a theme like newspaper style then it is perfect for you.

Check all the details by clicking on the links before buying.

Step 5: How to customize A Blog

So, you have decided on your preferable theme. Now you have to customize it on your basic demand.

Customizing your theme is not very important as a blogger, but if you are serious in this term and won’t make any unprofessional work then it is necessary to customize your work.

For betterment of your work and people’s vision you have to customize.

Whenever you purchase a premium theme or a free theme, they give you a complete guidance video of customizing.

If you find any problem with customizing, I have an in-depth tutorial of “How to create a website for free”. You can gain enough premium high-quality knowledge from that article. I have shown my way of customizing content.

Uses of Page builder & Plugins

So, This is the most tricky part. If you really want to go ahead with this blogging career and really want to make money as soon as possible then you have to invest in premium tools.

Don’t be worried of investing, I have free alternative also. Keep reading.

First of all, I am telling you the most useful plugins for customizing your Blog Website.

  • Elementor Page Builder
    • Essential addons for elementor
    • Envato elements
  • Contact Form 7
  • Jetpack
  • Instagram feed
  • Yoast SEO
  • Wp-Rocket

Make sure that, You install all these essential plugins for your website.

I have an article on these plugins. Make sure to check it here.

Step 6: Write your first article in a strategic way

This is the most important thing for a blogger. I repeat, MOST IMPORTANT.

People often do well in all parts, but they don’t write their content in a strategic way. They don’t write the content of the way of making money online.

So, it’s most important to write your content into a strategic way.

Before you start your blog, have this checkmark.

  • Install and setup Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Add An extension called “Grammarly”
  • Install Jetpack plugin

By the way, I have an in-depth article on the Blog Post checklist. Here you will find the 22 things to include in every blog post

Now you are ready to write.

Note these things carefully

  • Don’t use more than one H1 tag in your article.
  • Give Alt to all your images
  • Write article minimum 3,000 words
  • Add more and more Sub-headings relevant to your article
  • Use more active voice
  • Answer all the questions related to the topic of your blog post
  • Add eye-catchy relevant images for describing
  • Add infographic
  • Give a featured image
  • Add some quotes
  • Add internal links as well as external links
  • Focus on the core key-phrase
  • Publish the article when it is all done

This is the most beginners friendly strategic way of writing a proper SEO friendly article. For ranking on Google, there are many other topics related But these steps are the core steps.

You have to write articles consistently. Once a week or twice a week or more. It doesn’t matter but you need to be consistent. Don’t write blog articles altogether and publish them immediately.

Take time, Write better article and post them regularly.

Step 7: Promote your article

Promoting is a must for a newbie blogger.

You have to remember one thing, Your website is brand new. No one knows you!! So, you have to promote yourself for people knowing you and your content.

There are few ways of promoting a brand new website. Such as:

  • For a newbie, The best place for promoting is Pinterest. You check here for the full guideline on Pinterest. It’s beginners friendly, No matter how old is your website, you can gain a lot of traffic on Pinterest within a few days.
  • Do SEO and wait for rank your website in Google
  • Post in the Facebook Groups
  • Give tips and tricks on Instagram consistently
  • You can invest ads to rank your website faster.

How to Make Money Blogging

This is the main goal of blogging.

People want to start their blogging career for earning passive income. As we know, many people in the world are making blogs and earning huge amounts of passive income.

So, what’s the strategy?-I told in step 6.

How to promote?- I also told in Step 7.

Now I’ll tell you the exact way of making money from the articles.

There are various ways of making money online from blogs. Let’s roll into it.

Monetize your blog through ads

This is the best and most common way of making money online. You have to connect with Google AdSense.

Through your blog, Google will show their ads and if you show their ads on your articles and someone visits your article, you get a commission.

Isn’t it pretty simple??

Yes, I know. But, in this case, as many people visit your articles, more you earn money through Google Adsense.

How to Start a Blog for Beginners
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So, if you want to earn a handsome passive income, first of all, you have to build an audience and you need the traffic to your site.

But, there are a lot of ads networks available in marketplace.

Media vine is another great high paying ad network.

But you’ll need 50,000 monthly visitors for applying into mediavine.

Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is the best incoming way in 2020.

It is the fastest way of earning passive income

Affiliate marketing is promoting other’s product and get commission from it.

You have to promote other’s products on your article and if any viewer buys the products from your site, you will get a commission.

How to Start a Blog for Beginners
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The most famous affiliate programs are,

  • amazon affiliate
  • CJ.com
  • Clickbank.com
  • Themeforest.net
  • hosting companies

Selling Ebooks

Nowadays, This type of making money is getting popular day by day.

Let’s say, You have started your blog to write about something in which you are an expert.

So, why not you write an Ebook also?

Suppose you have tons of articles in the same category. Now you can gather all the articles together and customize them as people want and then write an Ebook.

Promote the Ebook in your site and make convert the reader to buyers. Isn’t it cool???

You have written an Ebook and the whole traffic is buying that.

In this way, you can earn a lot of passive income as well as you can earn fame if your Ebook is really helpful and impactful to the readers.

Sponsored Posts

Advertising companies always looking for sponsorships and want to create a great post on your website.

So, don’t worry if you are a beginner in the bogging career. Keep going, Keep promoting yourself.

Companies will find you anyway.

Blogging Ideas for Beginners

So, basically we all want to make money. Blogging is one of the ways of making money. But as I told you, you have to go on the right path.

There are millions of topics in the world. People can’t answer all the questions and many questions are very important and many questions are less important.

We have to find what kind of questions people ask often?

Also, we have to find what kind of problems people are facing in daily life? What are they searching for?

very hard job??? Don’t worry, I have done the research already for you.

You can read an in-depth article on Ideas for blog posts for when your brain is not working.

But, I will give some basic ideas here.

Let’s start

  1. Food Blogging
  2. Travel Blogging
  3. Baby related blogging
  4. Self Improvement
  5. Bullying/Cyber Bullying
  6. Entrepreneurial education
  7. Golf
  8. DIY
  9. Mind Strengthening
  10. Homebrewing Beer
  11. Self Defence Training
  12. Teaching about Blogging, website designing, graphic designing, Affiliate marketing, Digital Marketing ( we have got many articles on this category. How to…….
  13. Interior design
  14. PhotoGraphy
  15. Music-related

So, these are the most famous topics in 2020. It may differ anytime. But to me, right now people are searching for this kind of stuff every day.

So why are you Doing late?? People can’t get success quickly because they start slowly.

Blogging Secrets

People often ask me, what is your secret behind your success?

I answer them in a tricky way. I ask them, have you watched Kungfu Panda???

many of them says, Yes. Then I tell them, remember the Dragon scroll Scene and think about it.

In that dragon scroll, there was NOTHING. Then Panda’s father says to the panda that, there is no secret ingredient.

Then panda realized, that he is the secret. He is the one.

So yes, If you ask me for blogging tips then I’ll tell you to keep working hard till the end.

Whatever I know about how to start a blog for beginners, I have wrote all the things in this blog post.

But yes, there are always the right way and the wrong way. I’ll guide you to go in the right way and achieve your success.

Blogging is one of the best ways of making passive income. If you want to be your own boss and don't want to do your 9-5 restless job then blogging is the perfect one for you. Because you can work from anywhere and anytime you want.

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Choose a theme
  3. Customize that
  4. Write content related to your niche
  5. Promote your content
  6. Make money from blogging

It depends on you. Let me give you an overview,

  1. Hosting: $(3-10)/month
  2. Domain: $11.99 (.com)
  3. Theme: Free or paid $47
  4. Email Marketing tool(Aweber): $19/month

No, it is not. If you really want to make money from blogging then you must have to invest in it. At least you have to invest in a domain and hosting.


So, the topic “How to start a blog for beginners” comes to an end.

By following these strategies about starting a blog from scratch, you can start your online career with blogging properly.

If you are searching for a step by step guide on how to start a blog for beginners then I assure you, Your time has not wasted by reading this article.

I am not a pro but I have researched quite hard for you.

When I was a beginner, I had a lot of confusion in my head.

I wasn’t able to solve myself. I had studied tons of articles. Combined them all and found these easily actionable steps on how to start a blog for beginners

But, I don’t want you to hustle and waste a lot of time. Read one article and start your blogging journey today.

Please comment here if you know any other way of starting a blog that we can add to this list which we might have forgotten.

A quote from me?

  • I am not a pro but I am in this particular field for many years. That’s why I thought that I can teach you through my articles and that’s why I did some research and wrote about how to start a blog for beginners
  • I am personally a blogger, I like to write so much and  I hope this article will help you to learn something from me, and by reading this whole article you can have enough knowledge about how to build a blog from scratch.

Like the Article? Want to read more stuff?

I am a full-time blogger and solving your all kind of problems related to website stuff and queries like “start a blog for beginners“.

I write articles every single day.

You can find me constantly with different ideas, tips, and tricks.

I have a complete package available for free. You just have to give me your email address and I will give you,

  • A 7-day email course on making money with a new blog
  • Email Templates
  • Canva templates
  • Free Six-figure blogging E-book
  • and many more surprises

All of these you will get for free. Just give your email address below.

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I have a free Blog post checklist for you! Don’t forget to read that also, if you are serious about blogging and want to rank fast.

Please let me know your thoughts about this post in the comment section. It will inspire me to bring more content like this.

And yes, please tell me about your journey of How you have started your blog for your business also in the comment section. That’s how we can know each other better.

Pin it to a relevant board for later use.

How to Start a Blog for Beginners
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How to Start a Blog for Beginners
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How to Start a Blog for Beginners
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