11 ways of How to write articles that people want to read

how to write articles

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Stop scrolling!

First of all, I want to ask you, are you searching for how to write articles in easy ways that people actually want to read?

If the answer is yes then you are in the right place.

You can continue to read the article.

Are you running a blog and want to make money with it?

The one and only way is by writing articles.

If you want to make money through blogging then content is king and always will be.

So, You have to be perfect in article writing.

You have to write articles that people are searching for and actually want to read.

Let say, someone has searched for amazon.

The user will go on Amazon and buy something. He hadn’t searched this keyword “amazon” for reading articles.

If you have written tons of articles on the keyword “amazon” then no one will read.

Again if we say, someone has searched the term “How to write articles” and you have targeted this keyword also and written a proper article.

The search intent of that person is to learn about article writing. He or she wants to upgrade himself/herself.

If you written proper articles on this kind of term then you will get lot of views.

Before knowing the 10 ways of How to write articles, you have to know about the objective of article writing.

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How to write articles
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Objectives of Article Writing

Before answering this, you have to ask yourself, what kind of things you search in Google?

Let’s relate with the answers.

  • You have got a problem and don’t know the solution
  • want to learn something like how to write articles fast
  • Search some product’s name to see review

Basically, the main intent is to know about something, to learn something new.

If you don’t have any problem then why should you come for Google. right?

Everyone is like you.

There are ton of people having the same problem that you are facing.

They are searching the same keyword to find their answers as you are doing.

That’s why, if you ask yourself first, then you will find the answer of objective of article writing.

Reading is all about 1) curiosity, 2) knowledge, and 3) emotion.

How to write articles
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If you can build these 3 things to the readers mind then you will achieve success.

Because, these three things attract the most.

If your headline has some curiosity in it then people will click more on it.

But keep in mind, you have to give them proper knowledge.

If you are writing about the topic that you don’t know then you are wasting your time.

If you can give proper knowledge, people will keep coming to your blog.

If you have understood the object of writing articles then let’s deep into the 10 steps of How to write articles that people want to read.

STEP 1: Be aware of search intent

You have to understand the term”Search intent”.


What is search intent? and Why it is related to article writing?

Search intent is the why behind a person’s search query.

In other words, why did the person make this search? Do they want to learn something? Are they looking to make a purchase? Or, are they looking for a particular website?

For more deep detail let’s see an example.

Suppose, A person goes to Google and search for “Facebook”.

So what is the search intent here?

Obviously, the person has came to Google to browse Facebook. Right?

Again, A person make a search query of “article writing practice”.

Can you tell me the search intent here?

The answer is, informational.

The person wants to read some articles about How to do article writing practice.

There are Four types of search intent.

  • Informational
    • How to write articles
    • what is search intent
    • Delicious morning recipes
    • make money online
  • Navigational
    • Facebook
    • SEMRUSH login
    • Twitter login
  • Transactional
    • Buy iPhone 11
    • Cheap laptops Asus
    • Gaming Mouse
  • Commercial investigation
    • SEMRUSH review
    • Traffic secrets book
    • Aweber vs Mailerlite

So, here you go. I am sure that, you have fully understood the term “search intent”.

How to write articles
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Source: Robot online

If you have any other confusion then ask in the comment section.

STEP 2: Viral content in your niche

How to write articles
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This type of content is based on seasonality.

If you are in news niche then it is too much helpful for you.

Because, if something goes viral and if you can write articles based on that then you will get a lot of visitors on your blog.

Let’s say in 2020, you are in the blogging niche and you promote different digital products like Siteground(Hosting company).

Now suddenly they have upgraded their price and it is too much for beginners.

Everybody is finding an alternative. That means it is a viral topic.

If you can write an SEO friendly article on Siteground Alternative, then you will get a lot of views from one article.

That’s why, you have to always be aware of viral topics in your niche and as soon as you find one viral topic, keep writing articles on that.

You’ll see a spike on that particular season.

But, if you want to keep the visitors remain forever with your blog, then you have to give value in that viral content.

Because in the viral content tons of people will come to your blog and read it and if you have given proper value then they might become your email subscriber which is the most important thing.

Don’t relay on viral contents.

You have to write these types of content just because of eye ball rolling. Because, it is an opportunity to gain visitors to your site.

But, don’t make a nonsense post within one day or two day.

Make sure to put 100% effort into it, because it might be many people’s first impression on your blog.

STEP 3: Not looking at headlines? You Should

How to write articles
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Headlines are the most important thing for a content.

If you are writing a 5000 words article but your headline is that much boring that no one is even clicking on your article.

So, what is the benefit of creating a killer content?

Headline is the first impression towards you.

In Google’s top page, we can’t see any 5000 words long articles.

We can see online headlines.

And between these headlines, we pick the one that attract us the most. Right?

There are some tricks of creating amazing headlines all the time.

From when I have started creating headlines strategically, I see a huge difference on my blog’s traffic.

So, let’s see some easy actionable strategies of creating headlines,

  • Always try to put numbers on your headline
  • Use brackets like (fast working method), (that actually works), (Updated in 2020), etc.
  • Build more curiosity on your headline
  • Promise something that you will give as a value.
  • Create more list-type content. Ex: (7 types of article writing examples.)
  • Update your headline an interval of 2 months

These are the strategies that I am implementing on my blogs and seeing good results.

before knowing what type of articles that people read, you have to know about what type of headline gets the most click rate.

If you want more deep knowledge then read “How to write catchy headlines”

STEP 4: People don’t want to know about your personal diaries

Even if 60% of people come to blogging for their personal interest.

They want to blog about themselves. These kind of people are fulfilling their one of the hobbies.

That’s absolutely their personal matter.

But if you want to make money online from writing articles then you can’t only fluff about yourself.

People don’t come to Google for knowing you and your lifestyle.

They make a search query on Google for solving their problem.

There are a lot of bloggers in this industry who are making $3,000/month, but no one even knows who is behind the blog.

I know one of my friends Who is earning $5,000/month but trust me, I also even didn’t know that my friend is behind the successful blog.

He just focused on his article writing.

Created tons of quality articles, Promoted many affiliate products, Implemented SEO successfully, and ranked on Google.

That’s how he is earning his living.

So yeah, if you want to make money from blogging then you have to solve other problems like I am doing.

I know you are searching for How to write articles that people want to read.

I am blogging for many years and I know the answer of this search query.

That’s why, I am writing about How to write articles.

You got the point? I am sure you do!

STEP 5: Solve their problems

How to write articles
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I have mentioned this above and I mention this topic in my every single post.

because, This is the main purpose of people coming to Google and making a search query.

They are spending time in Google because they want to solve their daily life problems.

Suppose, Someone is searching a query like “How to make 6 pack abs without going to gym”

So, if you are a fitness blogger, what is your duty now?

You have to write a valuable article by solving their problems.

Don’t need to be an expert.

Just share the things that you know very well.

Guide them in step by step process.

So step 1 has done. You have provided a valuable article on the keyword.

Now, You need to put a lead generation form inside your article for building email list.


  • How will you do that?
  • What is the most strategic way of collecting emails?

Answer: Read Here (15 email marketing strategies that work in 2020)

So, you have already solved their problem through your killer content.

Now, as a lead magnet you can offer freebies like a checklist, course, PDFs, E-books, etc.

Your title might be “I have a FREE secret cheat sheet on 6 pack abs. If you want to make 6 pack abs in 3 months without any diet control then Just give your name and email address”.

As a Call to Action, you can write Download the FREE Copy.

This how, you can build your own business.

STEP 6: A review of something

How to write articles
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COurtesy: FreePik

This type of posts are excellent for the affiliate marketers.

It is an high demanding topic since the online marketing has started.

Because, people wants to know more about the product that are buying with some money.

They want to know the product’s good side and bad side and if they like the product then they might buy from your affiliate link and you will get a commission.

This is the main purpose of a review post.

If you are doing amazon affiliates then try to make an in-depth review of the products that you want to promote.

But first of all, you have to understand “How to write review post that generates money”

The ultimate challenge for a blog review writer is producing a review that is honest but still converts.

When it’s done correctly, you can maintain your credibility as a review writer and still make revenue on your blog.

For becoming a great review blogger, you need to answer these questions in your every review article.

  • What does a product or service do?
  • What does this product do differently than its competition?
  • What does this product do that is great and beneficial?
  • What does this product do that is bad? (Must include)
  • Who is the ideal person for this product?
  • Where can you buy this product?

So that, you can see that you have to be very honest for becoming a review blogger.

Yes, You can generate a lot of money through review blogging but you can’t write only good stuff of a product thinking that people will buy it.

If you don’t write the bad terms of the product then people think that you are doing a scam with them and they might not buy from you.

Don’t force people to buy products, share your experience with the product

If you want to read more deeply then read How to become a review blogger.

STEP 7: List type posts

This is the type that I personally like the most.

What’s good in it?

  • Step by Step process
  • Full of information
  • Straight forward
  • Reader-friendly
  • and many more

While making my list type posts, I can easily outline my articles.

People don’t want to read all the things you have written in your article.

They just want to solve their problems.

By creating list type posts, you can engage them for long time.

Because they will have the curiosity in their mind that what is the next step or what is the next strategy.

Even if people don’t have any interest in reading your articles, they will read your headlines at least.

The most benefit of making a list type post is you can keep your audience for a longer time in your blog.

That’s how you’ll get a low bounce rate and if the bounce rate is good then you will be ranking faster at Google.

That’s why I always prefer creating list type posts. Let’s see some examples of list type posts.

These are the different types of list type post.

If you get my idea then you’ll definitely create tons of list type posts in your niche.

STEP 8: Engaging structure

How to write articles
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Source: CoSchedule

Every blogger is talking about on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Backlinks, guest posting, etc.

But no one is talking about the structure of a blog as well as an article.

If someone comes to your blog and stays for a longer period then it is a good signal to Google.

Google understands that your blog’s bounce rate is too low, people are spending time on your blog and Google takes you to their top page.

So, How can you engage readers that they spend more time?

The answer is creating engaging structure.

Let’s see some examples of an engaging article,

  • Clear headlines
  • short paragraphs (Maximum 1-2 lines)
  • More LSI keywords
  • At least 3000 words long article
  • Including Infographics and visuals
  • Proper font size (16-20)

This is the most important things you have to keep in mind before writing an article.

If you want to know more then I have an in-depth article on the Blog post checklist: 22 things you must need to add. Check that out.

First part is done, you have maintained a well structured article.

Now, you should focus on blog’s structure.

It is not important at the beginning.

But when people will start to come to your blog, they will like to go on different pages of your blog.

That’s why, You need to maintain simple user friendly blog’s structure.

Let’s see some examples of a good blog’s structure,

  • Must need to add about me, contact me, privacy policy and terms and condition page
  • A lead generation Popup
  • Blog posts section
  • Tools and resources section (For affiliate purpose only)
  • Proper call to action button in the header section

This are the basic steps to make a good blog’s structure.

STEP 9: One to One Interaction

Talk like a human being don’t talk like a robot.

Even if you are writing a tons of article that does not mean you will write everything like books.

People don’t feel comfortable with book type writing reading online.

Because, it feels so boring.

Try to engage with them. Make One to One interaction.

Make a person feel that you are talking with him/her only.

This is called One to One interaction.

It is most applicable on email marketing.

You have to treat your email subscribers as a family.

Blogging is not a one time thing.

You can’t make money overnight.

You have to go a long path along with your readers.

So, If you can’t give them proper value and entertainment then why will they stay with you?

There are a lot of bloggers available in internet.

Give them a reason to stay with you.

That’s how you can make your cold audience to hot audience and this thing matters a lot.

STEP 10: More Visuals=More virality

Want to go viral on Social media? and Do you need the perfect way of getting viral?

The simpliest answer is, use more visuals on Your article.

The more visuals are in your article, the more engaging that is.

People love visual whether it is an infographic, video, audio, image, etc.

But there is an purpose of every kind of visuals.

If you create an eye-catchy informational infographic for your article, then you will get a lot of backlinks easily.

because other bloggers will use it for their article and that’s how you’ll rank on Google’s image section.

If you include images in your blog for Pinterest then people will save it to their boards from your blog and you’ll get more shares.

It is the best option of getting more shares.

Because Pinterest is a visual platform. People love to save different types of images o their boards.

Learn How to make money with Pinterest

If people find interesting in your images then they will definitely save it.

Few tips on creating quality Images for Pinterest,

  • Size: 1000*1500px
  • Clear eye catchy headline over the image
  • High contrast background
  • Simple fonts
  • A proper call to action

If you want to copy my Pinterest strategy then read this article.

For getting shares on Twitter, you need to add a click to tweet button on your article.

This button will help them to share on twitter. You can easily add this by using SOCIAL SNAP Plugin.

Social snap
  • Save

By using SOCIAL SNAP Plugin you will able to,

  • Add floating social share buttons
  • Share buttons inside the article
  • Pin it Button on the image
  • Click to tweet button

This plugin is a complete solution and I am using this for a long time.

STEP11: Quality over Quantity?

For a few years, bloggers are debating on thing topic.

Because Google always updates its algorithm and bloggers need to make their content according to Google’s algorithm.

In the latest update, Google is giving priority to the micro-niche blogs.

What is a micro-niche blog?

Let’s learn practically.

Suppose you are in the fitness niche. In Fitness there are a lot of topics like Healthy Food, Home Workout, Yoga, Workout for pregnant women, etc.

For creating a micro niche blog, you can’t choose Fitness topic and cover the whole area.

You need to pick the sub-category like Yoga or Home workout.

You have to choose one and make the whole blog around the topic.

Write every single article around the topic. This is called micro niche blog.

In this case, You have to make quality blog posts every time.

One of my friends have ranked on Google by creating only 20 posts by creating a micro niche blog.

But according to me, You need to focus more on Quantity.

Why am I going against all the gurus?

I have a simple logic.

You are new to blogging. You don’t know anything. You’ll learn everything slowly by practically working on it.

If you don’t write much then how can you learn? That’s why I give priority quantity over quality.

If you seeing a longer vision on Blogging business then at the beginning level don’t focus on quality.

Write articles daily and you’ll automatically learn the strategies of a perfect blog post.

Summary of this Article

  • You have to be aware of the search intent
  • Keep eyes on Viral content
  • Try to create eye catchy headlines to get more click rate
  • Don’t fluff about you much
  • Always try to solve other problems
  • Make review posts
  • Make list type posts
  • Try to engage people more
    • Short paragraphs
    • clear headlines
    • On-point strategies
    • More visuals
    • Proper keyword density
    • call to action
  • Talk like you are talking to your family
  • Focus quantity over quality (Personal opinion)


Some people write articles for their own interest. They are fullfilling their hobby. Another group of people write articles to make money online. Writing articles or blogging is one of the best ways to make passive income.

Create your own blog and start writing on it. Don't fill shy about what people will think about it. You can either start writing on Instagram or Facebook.

Straight and simple. if you can solve others problem through your article then people will love it. There are a lot of people in the internet who are facing the same problems you are facing. Start with what you know. Teach others what you have been doing in your life.


So, the topic “How to write articles” comes to an end.

By following these 11 steps of article writing technique, you can start your blogging career properly.

If you are searching for How to write articles that people want to read then I assure you, Your time has not wasted by reading this article.

I am not a pro but I have researched quite hard for you.

When I was a beginner, I had a lot of confusion in my head.

I wasn’t able to solve myself. I had studied tons of articles. Combined them all and found these easy actionable 11 steps on How to write articles properly.

But, I don’t want you to hustle and waste a lot of time. Read one article and start implementing these article writing practice

Please comment here if you know any other tips or strategies on How to write articles that work for you.

So that we can add to this list which we might have forgotten.

A quote from me?

  • I am not a pro but I am in this particular field for many years. That’s why I thought that I can teach you through my articles and that’s why I did some research and wrote about these 11 steps of How to write articles that actually worked for me.
  • I am personally a blogger, I like to write so much and  I hope this article will help you to learn something from me, and by reading this whole article you can have enough knowledge about How to write articles.

Like this article writing training? Want to read more stuff?

I am a full-time blogger and solving your all kind of problems related to website stuff and queries like “How to write articles“.

I write articles every single day.

You can find me constantly with different ideas, tips, and tricks.

I have also an article about How to Start a Free Blog for Beginners. Make sure you check this out if you have a passion for being a blogger.

I have a free Blog post checklist for you! Don’t forget to read that also.

Please let me know your thoughts about this post in the comment section. It will inspire me to bring more content like this.

And yes, please tell me How you write articles and what are the best article writing topics for your business also in the comment section. That’s how we can know each other better.

Pin it to a relevant board for later use

How to write articles
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How to write articles
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36 thoughts on “11 ways of How to write articles that people want to read”

  1. Wow, so much to unpack here. So very helpful though! I totally needed to read this. There are a few steps I think I have been missing when writing posts. Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are some great points for writing blog posts! You’re so right… search intent is huge, and you need to solve the reader’ problems. When I first started my travel blog years ago, it was more of an online journal of my travels. And guess what, nobody cared. But now that I write more travel guide type posts that people are actually searching for, I’ve seen much more blog growth! Thanks for sharing these helpful tips!

    • Yes Briana. I can relate with you too. It feel so much discouraged when people don’t even care for your blog. That’s why we should follow these strategies to make money from blogging.

    • Hey Chris, Thanks for taking your time for the comment! Yes, without understanding the search intent we can’t rank on Search engines. No matter how much quality content we write.

  3. thanks for sharing,I`m terrible at writing and have always thought of taking some writing course but who needs a writing course after this?
    Written well and everything explained in detail that I feel I`ve learned more as I would in a paid course. Now I only have to implement what I learned here.

  4. This is some great information! I will definitely be taking this article and using it to help shape my next month of content ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information online. I also think the length of the article should depend on the niche and audience. Same goes with the amount of pictures.

    Great points anyways.

  6. I bookmarked this article. Thanks for every tip you’ve shared. It is very helpful especially when I get to have that writer’s block. Now I know what to do to create articles that readers will keep coming back to and sharing with their friends and family.


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