How to Write Quality Content for a blog (14 Strategies)

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Nowadays Quality Content is King.

Without Quality Content, you can’t rank on Google’s first page and if you can’t rank at Google you won’t generate any traffic to your blog and thus you will not make any money through Blogging.

By applying these 14 strategies you will be able to know exactly How to write quality content for a blog.

If you are taking your blog as a business and want to make passive income with Blogging then you have to give priority to content the most.

This is the main thing of Blogging.

If people find your blog useful then your blog is ready to go. You will have more and more traffic and people will love to read your blog.

Writing Quality content depends on many things like,

How to Write Quality Content for a blog
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Feeling overwhelming and frustrated about No one is reading your content?

No worries, at the beginning stage I was also in the same situation.

I had a lot of confusion in my mind. After 1 year of researching and implementing strategies, I found these 14 ways to write quality content like a pro.

If you apply these 14 strategies I assure you, your content writing skill will develop day by day.

1. Focus on a Single Topic

Google has its own algorithm to catch and scan everything in a blog or a blog post.

After the latest update of Google, they are more focusing on Micro-niche blogs.

So what is a Micro Niche Blog?

microniche Blog is a super small website made of just a few pages. It’s a niche because it focuses on a specific keyword and you have to make blog posts around the specific keywords.

There are lots of high authority websites that are dominating on Google and because of their high authority profile they can write on a broad topic.

But as a newbie you can’t cover the whole area in a Niche. If you do so you can’t rank at Google’s top page.

Because already people had taken that place and it will be too hard to compete with them.

That’s why you have to focus on a micro niche blog.

Let say, you want to build a blog on Fitness.

Fitness is a huge topic. So many things can be covered in Fitness Niche.

There are Yoga, Home Gym, Fitness without Gym, Workout for moms, Gym accessories, etc.

You have to cover only one topic such as Workout for Moms.

After selecting the topic, you have to make blog posts only around this specific keyword.


  • Beginner workout for a busy mom
  • 10 tips of Home workout for Pregnant mom
  • Healthy foods for pregnant moms
  • How to do workout as a mom
  • etc, etc….

In a particular blog post you have to only focus on the topic that are written on the title.

That’s how your readers will connect more with you and they will enjoy reading.

If you focus on too many things on a single blog post then your readers will get confused and it is a bad sign for writing high-quality content for a blog.

2. Write Uniquely

Write uniquely
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It is the mandatory thing to write a high quality blog post.

If you are copying other people’s content then trust me you will fail after 5-6 months.

Because writing is not too easy for everyone and if you are writing about the topic that you don’t have any knowledge and writing only for making money then you can’t make money through blogging.

For making money you have to write quality content for a blog and if you are stealing other’s writing then it is not quality content.

I am the live example of such a failure.

One I tried to make a blog on Camera Niche and it was for only reviewing amazon camera products but I didn’t have any knowledge about cameras.

I open 10-15 blog posts related to the article’s topic and start copying from here and there.

After 4 months, I got copyright claim and felt so much depressed.

I was so tired of copying other’s content. It takes so much time and affords and I didn’t feel comfortable while writing articles about cameras.

Thus I quit writing on that blog and wasted my 5 months.

From that, I have learned one thing, If You don’t write blog posts about your passion then it would be really hard for you to continue blogging and making money from it.

So while choosing Niche, Just focus on a topic that you really know about and love to talk about it.

That’s how you can write uniquely and people will connect with you more.

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3. How to do research for content writing

Keyword researching
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On the priority list, after writing articles the first thing that comes up in mind is Keyword researching.

For ranking Google we have to choose a specific keyword that we would like to rank.

Like “Online marketing”. It is a keyword that has 81k+ search volume per month globally.

Keyword researching
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You can see that SEMRUSH showing everything about the keyword.

You can see it has a high volume searches but also its keyword difficulty is also high.

That means, already high authority domain profiles are ranking on Google and it will take a lot of time for you to rank on this particular keyword.

Keyword researching is important because you have to put similar keywords into your article that matches the main keyword.

If someone target the keyword “Online marketing” then they have to find different questions and matching keywords.

SEMRUSH helps here a lot.

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You can see that SEMRUSH is giving us keyword variations as well as all of the questions that are related to the main keyword.

So that’s how you can find a powerful keyword that has average search volume but keyword difficulty is low.

What else you can do with SemRush?

  • You can find keywords that have no competition but the high search volume
  • You can see what other bloggers are doing (keywords, strategies..etc.)
  • You will be able to find hot topics for content marketing?
  • You will find the best keywords for organic SEO?
  • You will find the most cost-effective keywords for a PPC campaign?
  • You can track my website’s performance for specific keywords?
  • And many more…

These are the most important parts of creating a high quality content for a blog.

I would highly recommend SEMRUSH tool for making high quality content.

By proper use of SEMRUSH, you can write those kinds of articles that people are actually searching for on the Internet as well as you can generate more and more traffic without any competition.

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4. Write a headline that attracts the most.

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Source: CoShedule

If you read other bloggers’ articles on “How to write quality content for a blog” then you will see this headline surely.

Writing a perfect headline is that much important that expert bloggers always tells us to make an impactful headline.

When people make a query on Google, the first thing they see is headlines.

People will choose a headline that is clear, simple and powerful.

They always choose that kind of headline that is more eye catchy and that fulfill their needs.

So let me show a perfect headline that will attract the most people.

Let’s talk about this article.

I have chosen the Title “How to Write Quality Content for a blog (14 Strategies)”.

So it is a “How to” post which says that by reading this article people will learn How to create quality content.

I have written 14 strategies in brackets which will grab more attention from people.

Now they exactly know that, in this article, there are 14 sub-headlines, and because I have given a number that means they can read the blog step by step.

I have also mentioned that these 14 content writing strategies are only applicable “for a blog”.

So you can see How a perfect headline looks like.

If I wrote the headline like “How to write high-quality content” then it will look more common and it won’t stand out from other blogs.

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5. Use Quora to find problems that people are facing

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Quora is a powerful online platform to find problems that people are actually facing in their real life and they are looking for answers.

For creating a high quality content you always have to focus on readers mind and their problems.

If you can answer all the questions about the topic that you are writing then it will be called as high-quality content.

People read blogs to solve their problems like I am writing this article to solve problems related to quality content.

This article is for newbie bloggers who are facing problems creating high quality content.

I am trying to solve their problems according to my experience.

Quora is such a platform where millions of people come to ask questions and experts answer their problems.

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So here you can see that I have searched the term “Quality content” and I have found so many questions that people are already asking on Quora.

Now I will try to answer all the questions related to “High quality content” in this article.

You can also answer questions directly on Quora and link them back to your blog article. That’s how you can generate more traffic.

Researching is one of the main work to do for creating high-quality content and Quora is one of the best places for researching.

Because you will get so many exceptional problems that people are facing and no bloggers are talking about it and if you can solve the problem through your article then success is a matter of time.

6. Include Infographics

Infographics is so underrated tool that no one is using it.

About 70% of articles have no Infographics and they always get behind in the race if someone has made an impactful infographic related to the keyword in their articles.

If you can make a creative infographic for your article then you can stand out apart from all other bloggers who are bidding on the same keyword.

It is not mandatory thing to include in every blog post.

But an infographic can increase engagement rate by 132%.

I don’t make Infographic for all of the blog posts by I always try to make infographics for pillar content of my blog.

If you can’t make an Infographic by own then you can find those on Pinterest.

Simply search “Keyword + Infographic” in the search option at Pinterest and you can see a lot of useful Infographics that have been made by other bloggers.

You can share the link of that pin and give credit to the creator.

Here is an example of a good Infographics,

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7. Include a Table of Contents

Table of contents
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Table of content is used for making your article reader friendly.

For making high-quality content we always have to focus on the reader’s mind. We have to impress them and make our articles easy to understand.

If you do not use a table of contents then a reader has to scroll down the whole way to see all of the things and some readers get irritated by this.

That’s why you always need to put table of contents to your articles.

There is a WordPress Plugin that I use. After installing it you don’t have to do anything, the plugin will make a table of contents for each blog post.

Google itself suggest bloggers to put table of contents to their articles.

That means, it is high chance to rank faster by simply putting table of contents on your articles.

There are mainly six benefits of using Table of contents,

  • Keep your article organized
  • Make a road map in the reader’s mind
  • Make the document easier to discuss.
  • Complement your training outline. 
  • Manage reader expectations. 
  • Make a good impression.

8. Use Short Sentences and Paragraphs

This is one of the small tricks that I always use in my blog posts.

It really work great for me. Basically it is a trick that helps to keep readers eye on the screen.

At the past people was not focusing on making good structure of a blog post.

Most of the time they make longer paragraphs that are really hard to understand as well as people feel boring while reading the longer paragraphs.

If you are already making this mistake of writing a huge block of paragraph then the life out of your content – and your readers!

It will make information difficult to read.

I have only one things to say, Shorten your sentences and paragraphs. The shorter, the better.

If you’re not yet familiar with bucket brigades, then it’s time to get on board!

So in a nutshell, Bucket Brigades are those words that get people to stick around. Because you want people to stay on your blog.

Now, let me teach you how to use Bucket Brigades.

First, find sections within your content where your visitors will want to exit your page.

Why? Because you already gave them information. It’s information they NEED.

If you don’t have any value left to offer, people will normally leave your site.

So, don’t give them a reason to leave. Instead, give them a Bucket Brigade.

Here, this is how I used a Bucket Brigade earlier.

9. Include LSI Keywords in Your Post

LSI keywords
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Source: Backlinko

So basically, LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords are conceptually related terms that search engines use to deeply understand content on a webpage.

Google is not getting smarter day by day.

They have a lot of in-detail complicated algorithm that can catch anything in your articles.

So that, you can’t fool Google by only putting the main keyword every-time.

It is called keyword stuffing.

If you are focusing on one keyword and writing the same keyword again and again then Google will put your article down because nowadays, Google doesn’t want keyword stuffing.

So if Google saw the keyword “Content Marketing” over and over again, they’d say: “This post is obviously about content marketing”.

But nowadays, you can’t create high-quality content by only writing the same keyword here and there is an article.

You have to focus on different types of keyword that is related to the main keyword.

So if your main keyword is “Content marketing” then you have to put LSI keywords related to this specific keyword. Like,

  • what is content marketing in digital marketing
  • types of content marketing
  • how to do content marketing
  • examples of content marketing
  • content marketing strategy
  • content marketing pdf
  • content marketing definition
  • content marketing course

Where to find LSI keywords?

Finding LSI keyword is so simple, you don’t even need to have any tool.

Google itself is helping you to find LSI keywords.

Make a query in the Search Engine by writing your main keyword.

Then scroll down the bottom and you can see bunch of related searches Google is showing.

That means, people are searching these terms related to the “Content marketing” keyword.

You have to focus all of these keywords in your article.

LSI keywords
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This content writing process will help you a lot to rank on Google.

10. Only Write About The Truth– Don’t Fake It

Writing truth
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It is highly applicable while writing a product review of a product.

Blogging is not only teaching others by making no money.

Yes, You give more value, You make more money.

That’s the simple rule of blogging.

If someone’s niche is all about amazon products and the blogger only reviews amazon products then he/she have to be truthful to the readers.

If the blogger tries to fake it and write all the good stuff about the product and hide the bad stuff from the readers then the blogger will not have a single sale anyway.

Because people will easily get that the author is only pushing them to buy through the affiliate link.

Then they will leave your blog and read other blogs to find the truth and if they get fit with the truth then they will buy the product from the blog that has told them the truth.

Affiliate marketing is one of finest ways to make money online.

In every niche, you can promote affiliate products in through your blog.

Like, I have a Blogging tools and resources section and a proper in-depth post about blogging tools.

There I have chosen only those products that I used in my blogging career or my friends had used in their blog and gave me good feedback.

I don’t promote affiliate products to only make sales.

I want to help other bloggers to find the genuine products to grow their blog like a pro!

11. Keep Content Information up to Date

Fresh Content
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All the digital things are changing day by day. All the information are changing as well.

Like, I have Pinterest profile and have written articles for Pinterest as well.

But in 2020, Pinterest has changed its algorithm totally and I had to modify all my posts related to Pinterest.

I have written all the posts again by maintaining the new algorithm of Pinterest.

In every niche, things keep changing. You always have to grab the latest information and provide it to the readers.

If your blog is in Fitness Niche then nowadays people are searching Keto diet most.

If you are writing about diets then you should also focus on Keto diet.

That’s how, you will get more attention and visibility.

Another scenario is, many bloggers make them post by giving title “Best recipes for 2020”.

This is not evergreen content. You can write posts by mentioning the Year about viral topics.

But after 2020, the article has no value. No one will search for this keyword again.

That means you have to update your post again after 2020.

Now Google is preferring fresh content rather than outranked old content.

If you are starting your blog today then don’t worry.

keep working hard for 4-6 months and make content about the latest information, Google will start preferring your blog anyway.

12. Make one to one Conversation

One to One conversation
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I always try to focus this strategy in my articles to connect more with the readers.

whenever I read other blogs, I attract to that blog that make one to one conversation with me.

I feel like, the blogger is really talking to me rather than everyone.

It kept me reading the post continuously.

From that I have formed up with this strategy.

Always try to write “You” and “I” these words to connect one to one.

And write in that way that one person feel like you are only talking with him/her.

I have already said that for making high-quality content for a blog depends on many simple, little things.

This is one of them.

No tools can make your writing style better. You have to find your own way of finding a better content writing style.

Let me give you another example,

While watching Youtube videos, what kind of videos you like the most?

The one who always keep eye to eye connection?

Or the one who don’t make eye contact with the lens?

Obviously the answer will be the first one.

In blogging, we can’t make eye contact but we can make one to one interaction.

13. Use The Proper URL Structure

Creating high quality content is not about only writing style.

The whole visual area that people see while reading a blog post is considered as a content.

The URL is one of the things that people will definitely notice while reading the article or while clicking on any of the links in your article.

You have to keep you URL short, simple, and clear minded.

Before publishing your content, must look at your URL once that it is in form or not.

So, here is two example of URL,

Good URL Example:

Bad URL Example: http://www.go-camera/

There are few common mistakes related to URL making. Like,

  • Lack Of Keywords
  • Too Many Keywords
  • Semantics and Directory Structure
  • Without HTTPs
  • and many more…

This is a little task to do for creating better content. But if you don’t make good use of it, you will face the problem later.

14. Correct Any Spelling, Grammar, Or Factual Errors

It is the most irritating thing when a readers read the post.

If they find any Grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes they will leave the site immediately.

Because it’s a sign of untrustworthiness.

It is also an unprofessional thing of a good writer.

But it don’t mean that, you have to be very professional in English.

If you write complicated, hard to understand, uncommon words, – it doesn’t mean that, your post is a high quality post.

You have to keep in mind that about 65% of your reader’s 2nd language is English.

You are writing for everyone and that’s why, your writing skills should be easy to understand, user-friendly and uses of common words.

In my article, I never use any complicated words that hard to understand.

I always try to write as I speak. It make me more comfortable while writing and people also can connect more with me this way.

But while writing tons of blog posts per month, spelling mistakes or Grammatical mistakes can happen often.

That’s why I would recommend this excellent tool called – Grammarly.

Grammarly is a Chrome/Firefox extension that helps us to correct the inappropriate words. It also helps to correct the whole sentence (if there are some grammatical mistakes).

You can get corrections from Grammarly while you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and on your blog.

I use Grammarly as my last line of defense. When I think a piece is perfect, I run it through the program and usually find two or three errors that I’m glad I caught.

This makes me better at my job, and makes the jobs of my clients and editors much easier.

  • Here is an Side by Side comparison of free and premium accounts.
  • Save

If you are not already using Grammarly for making articles then I would highly recommend you to Download Now.


So, the topic “How to write high quality content for a blog” comes to an end.

By following these 14 methods I have been able to make high quality content for my blog.

If you are searching for some tips and tricks for content writing then I assure you, Your time has not wasted by reading this article.

I am not a pro but I have researched quite hard for you.

When I was a beginner, I had a lot of confusion in my head.

I wasn’t able to solve myself. I had studied tons of articles. Combined them all and found these easy actionable 14 strategies that will help you to build high-quality content.

But, I don’t want you to hustle and waste a lot of time. Read one article and start creating content for your blog.

Please comment here if you know any other ways to improve content writing skill.

So that we can add to this list which we might have forgotten.

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