12 tips for creating the best Pinterest marketing strategy

pinterest marketing strategy

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Hey Pinners. Frustrated with the latest update on Pinterest? Does your account fall?

No worries, I was in the same situation and I have overcome from that situation.

In this article, I will show you the exact Pinterest marketing strategy that works and beat the latest Pinterest algorithm.

If you follow these 12 tips for creating a high converting Pinterest Strategy then I assure you, You will be able to get 100k monthly viewers on Pinterest within one month.

Pinerest has changed their algorithm and they will maintain in this algorithm for a long time.

For changing the algorithm, many people have infected. Because they were using the old strategies and tactics.

If you are one of them and you are seeing your visitors are going down then this article is for you.

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pinterest marketing strategy
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A few days ago, I have been affected by the update and My monthly viewers were going down day by day.

Pinterest put me on their flagged list and that’s why, I wasn’t able to reach to people efficiently.

But after 1 month, I ave solved this problem and I have talked to the insider and he had told me the best practices in 2020.

If you do not start following these 12 tips then you might not able to create a Pinterest marketing strategy that works.

Before starting the actual content, Let’s learn about some basics.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine as well as a social media Platform.

In Pinterest, Creators make visuals and upload on Pinterest. One visual contains one website link.

The link can go anywhere.

It can be a blog, a product, a lead magnet or any affiliate offer.

But it will go in any kind of website.

People search queries like “Pinterest marketing strategy” or “Vegan food recipes”, click on one image that stands out from all other images and click on the link.

That’s how Pinterest works.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

So, you have learned the basic of what is Pinterest.

Like all other social media marketing you can do Pinterest marketing as well.

What is the main purpose of social media marketing?

The simpliest answer is gaining attraction from mass people or for growing a business.

You can promote your blog’s content or any affiliate offer or you can create your own product and start marketing at Pinterest.

As Pinterest is a visual search engine like Google.

People come here for solving their problem. They make a query to solve their own problem.

Suppose, I am writing this content on “Pinterest Marketing strategy” because I know exactly what to do on Pinterest for marketing.

There might be a lot of people who have been facing the same problem-related Pinterest marketing strategy.

I am trying to to solve them.

After writing this article, I will make visuals for this article and I will start promoting this article on Pinterest.

By seeing the visuals people will come to my blog and read this post.

This is how, I am growing traffic on my blog.

This is the main purpose of Pinterest marketing.

Elements of a Winning Pinterest Marketing Strategy

pinterest marketing strategy
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A complete Pinterest strategy is comprised of four parts:

  1. Creating a Standout Pinterest Profile
    1. Upload a profile photo
    2. Write your bio
    3. Brand your board covers
    4. Verify your website
  2. Creating the Right Boards and Pinning the Right Content
    1. Discussed later in this article. KEEP SCROLLING
  3. How to create a quality image
  4. Analysis

These are the few things you must need to know before thinking about Pinterest marketing strategy.

Because without knowing these things, you can’t implement your Pinterest marketing strategy, No matter how efficient it is.

One of the most important part is your Profile.

You have to optimize your pinterest profile with keywords for Pinterest marketing.

Let’s learn How to optimize a Profile,

  • Put your Keyword in the name of your Profile.
  • Put the main keywords in your Profile bio (Ex: blogger, digital marketer, travel blogger, etc.)
  • At least make 10-15 boards of your own
  • Make sure to add relevant Title and Description on your boards
  • Upload cover image to your boards
  • Claim your website

These are the few things you need to do with Pinterest first.

I am teaching these things first because without implementing these tips you can create a good Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

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Now, let’s get into the 10 tips to create a successful Pinterest Marketing strategy.

Tip 1: Always think about Keywords

pinterest marketing strategy
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This is the first thing you have o keep in mind while creating Pinterest marketing strategy.

Because Pinterest is not a social media (Deeply discussed below). It’s a search engine.

Because of being a search engine as Google, we have to focus on Pinterest SEO as same as Google.

But it’s too much easier to rank on Pinterest over Google.

Google’s SEO is a lengthy process but in Pinterest, with proper implementation of SEO, you can achieve 100k+ monthly viewers within 1 month.

Now let’s see How I focus on Keywords?

First of all, I create an image with a proper ALT tag.

If you are creating pins with Canva, save the image with a proper SEO friendly name.

I always Pin a image to a relevant board.

Let’s say, I have a board with the Title “Beginner Blogging” and another one is “SEO tips“.

Now, if I create an Image in SEO topic with a Title of “15 SEO Tips and Tricks for Beginners”, I will upload it into the “SEO tips” board.

It will give me more exposure.

Because I have put the same Keyword “SEO Tips” on the board’s Title and Description as well as I have put the same “Keyword” in the Title and description of the image.

So that, Pin’s title and description matches with the boards title and description.

It is called Keyword Optimization in Pinterest marketing.

It will not give any benefit if you upload an image to a board that doesn’t match with the keywords.

If I uploaded the same image to the “Beginner blogging” board, It won’t give me any exposure.

Because the main keyword of that image is “SEO tips” and the main keyword of the board is “blogging”.

That means it doesn’t match together.

This is a pretty simple tip but yet powerful.

Tip 2: Create Fresh Pins Daily (Forget about old strategy)

pinterest marketing strategy
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This is the main thing you need to implement to create a good Pinterest strategy after the latest update.

Yes, before 2020’s huge update in Pinterest, we can schedule the same image 10-12 times.

But, Pinterest has told us that, it is not the best practice in 2020.

Pinterest prefer uploading fresh pins daily rather than uploading same pin 10 times daily.

So let me clear first, What is a Fresh Pin in Pinterest?

A fresh is a totally new image with a new background, new Overlay text. No matter the link for the image is for older content.

If you are making 10 new images referring to one website link then it’s okay.

But, you have to make sure not to duplicate one image more then once.

After the latest update, Pinterest has set the limit of pinning. You can Pin 25 times a day.

But, I personally pin 15 times a day. 15 different images with different overlay texts and different backgrounds.

If you are using Pinterest for your business and recently your growth is going down then it might be happening because you are not creating fresh pins daily.

Tip 3: Match your Pins with the Right Board

As I told earlier, Pinterest is a search engine.

Because of Search engine, you have to focus on Pinterest SEO as like as Google.

There are several ways of implementing Pinterest SEO.

One of the most important factor is matching your Pins with the Right board.

Feeling confused? No worries. It’s a simple strategy that most of the pinners don’t follow and that’s why they can’t have enough attraction.

Let, think practically.

Suppose, you have two boards. One is “Vegan recipes” another is “Chinese recipes”.

Now, you have make images about “15 quick Chinese recipes for launch”.

You can upload it to the “Chinese recipes” board. because the board’s keyword and the Pins keyword are matching together.

Pinterest will see that you are creating pins relevant to the board and it will get more attraction automatically.

Don’t upload pins to a random board. Always try to upload in a relevant board.

Before the latest update, you might be uploading a pin to multiple relevant boards.

But, it is not the best practice after the 2020’s update.

As Pinterest prefers fresh pins. So that, you have to upload one pin in one board.

That’s how your pin remains fresh.

Pinterest marketing strategy
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Suppose, You have 3 boards on the term “Blogging”.

Now, you have created a pin on “15 blogging tips and tricks”. You can’t upload it to 3 of the boards.

You have to choose one and upload it to that board.

Tips 4: Don’t even think like other SOCIAL MEDIA (I Got suspended)

Let me tell you my story of getting suspended.

When I was a beginner at Pinterest. I thought that Pinterest is another social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

I was pinning daily and started seeing attraction super fast.

I was able to gain 100K+ monthly viewers within only one month.

But suddenly, I started following other people and seeing that people are following me back.

After two days, my account got suspended because of the following 10+ people within a short period of time.

But luckily I have recovered my Pinterest account by emailing to Pinterest after two weeks.

It was so terrible. But the huge terrible thing happened after recovering the account.

After recovery, I was seeing my viewers were going down day by day.

Before I was getting 10k+ impression with a lot of clicks daily.

But after recovery I was getting 500-900 impressions with no click daily.

It was so frustrating. I have shared my experience with Pinterest and Pinterest has told me they have flagged my account.

After one month, they have removed the flag from my account and I have started again from the beginning.

That’s why, Don’t even try to chase followers. In Pinterest, followers are nothing.

You have to just focus on creating content on a daily basis.

Treat Pinterest like search engine and you’ll see results automatically.

**Tip 5: Forget about Tailwind

pinterest marketing strategy
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If you are new to Pinterest, you might heard about Tailwind from other bloggers.

So let me clear you, what is tailwind? and Why you should not purchase it?

Tailwind is a scheduler. It is a third-party app. By using this tool, you can schedule pins as much as you want.

People use it for uploading pins for one week or one month in one day.

There is another function called Tailwind Tribes. It is as like as Group Boards.

It is a great tool for scheduling pins but after latest update there is no benefit of using this tool.

Pinterest already have a scheduler of its own.

Pinterest scheduler
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Go to Create Pin and then simply select publish at a later date.

And you are done. that’s how, you can upload pins at any time you want.

You can easily schedule your pins throughout the day on Pinterest. So why wasting money on Tailwind? You can utilize this money in other tools.

Pinterest emails
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As you can see this email from Pinterest. They are giving priorities new publishing over saving others.

So what is the benefit of using tailwind tribes?

If you are saving other’s pin in Tailwind tribes as well as scheduling other’s pin, you are doing wrong.

It is not the best practice after the latest update.

You need to focus only on your content.

So, what is the benefit of using Tailwind and giving money on a monthly basis?

You can schedule a 30-day plan on Pinterest itself as well as Pinterest doesn’t prefer pinning other’s content anymore.

Tip 6: How I Pin daily?

I have always tried to find other’s Pinterest marketing strategy.

I wanted to know How they pin daily? but, I haven’t found any quality content that shows me the exact process.

May be, Pinterest experts are showing in their paid courses.

I know, you are one of them like me who is finding How people are pinning on a daily basis.

That’s why, I want to share my pinning strategy that worked for me for free.

First of all, Let me clear that, you don’t need Tailwind Scheduler to schedule your pins.

You can schedule your pins throughout the week in Pinterest itself.

I have been doing this for a long time and seeing a good result.

So, let’s get started.

First of all, I choose image design on Pinterest.

I search for a query related to my article, such as “Pinterest marketing strategy”.

Pinterest search engine
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Then I choose a high contrasting image from top 20 pins.

Then I take the design idea and try to modify the idea and make an image in CANVA.

CANVA is an online free tool for designing Pins.

So, I have made one image already. Then I repeat this process for 15 times.

I make some video pins as well.

I create 15 different pins with different background and different text overlay. (FRESH PINS)

After creating all the pins for a day I go to Pinterest> create pin.

Then I schedule throughout the day.

I upload one pin at one time. Also, I publish one pin in one board.

Before the latest update, people were pinning one pin to multiple boards.

But it is not best practice in 2020. Because, if you publish one pin more than once then it is not a fresh pin anymore.

Basically I don’t schedule my pins for 30 days. I schedule for only one day or two days.

I make 15-30 images at a time and then I come back after one day and then again I make fresh pins to schedule for the next upcoming days.

This is my simple Pinterest marketing strategy that everyone can follow.

I am seeing results and you will see definitely within one week.

Tips 7: Create Contrasting Image

Pinterest is all about visuals.

People come to Pinterest for making a search query.

But after a search query they have to choose one image between tons of images.

So, you have to give them a reason why should they pick you?

That’s why, you need to create high contrasting colorful images for getting more attraction.

pinterest marketing strategy
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So you can see that it is a high contrasting image with a powerful text overlay. Its design is also great. So this type of pins will get more exposure than others.

Now, let’s see an low contrasting image.

pinterest marketing strategy
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This is a lower attractive pin than others.

People won’t click these type of pins because of the color grading.

It’s background is too light and font style is too hard to read.

There are a lot of free videos available on Youtube for learning How to create contrasting pins for Pinterest.

Check them all and learn to create high contrasting images.

Tips 8: Pin at the Right Time

A Survey of CoShedule shows that, It is too much important to upload pins at the right time.

There is an cool feature on Tailwind called “Optimum Time”. That means, Tailwind decide the optimum times of the day for us.

We don’t have to find out manually.

But, it is easy to find the perfect time that people are mostly active in that time by doing some research.

From curated research though, these times may serve as solid guidelines:

  • 8–11 pm with 9 pm peak
  • 2–4 am and 2–4 pm
  • 1–3 pm

So, just remember these times and publish your pins at these times.

These are the proven perfect time for uploading pins.

Also, Friday and Saturday are the best day to upload more images.

Because This makes sense since people use Pinterest to plan projects (and weekends are a good time to plan for the coming weeks).

But, you can find the best time for you using Google Analytics.

pinterest marketing strategy
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So you can see that Google is showing me when do users visit the most?

For me at 4 am there were 14 users that have came from one of my pins.

So, 4 am (according to my timezone) is one of the active time when my readers are active.

So, you don’t need to invest in Tailwind anymore.

Tip 9: Video Pins are the best option

pinterest marketing strategy
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Want fast attraction and virality?

Video pins are the best option for you.

Because video pins get 10 times more exposure then image pins.

That’s why at least try to make one video pins per day.

Because, if one video pin gets viral then a lot of people will know you and they will save the video pin for later use.

That’s how, your other pins will also go them.

If you are a beginner then you will must get 1,000 impression on the first day.

You can easily make video pins on CANVA.

I make video pin at 1000*1500 ratio. As same as image pins.

Just I put videos or animations to make a video pin.

But there is an problem with video pins.

People can’t click on video pins. They can’t go to you blog’s link.

That’s why, you won’t get any clicks from video pins.

People only can save video pins.

But, if you create Pinterest ads with a video pin then people can click on it.

Creating ads with videos is the best option for Pinterest marketing strategy.

Because video pins will get a huge exposure organically and if you create ad then people can also click through that pin.

I haven’t run any kind of Pinterest ads. That’s why, I won’t recommend to create ad.

Because if you follow these tips then you can create a successful Pinterest marketing strategy and you will have enough traffic within 1-2 months.

Tip 10: Don’t Underestimate The Group Boards

If you have started Pinterest marketing then you might be heard of Group boards.

So, basically A group board is created by collaboration of many bloggers.

One person will create a group board and he or she will invite other bloggers as a contributor.

Random people also can join group board as a contributor.

In the bio section, there will be some instruction given in the group boards of How to join as a contributor.

You have to just follow those instructions.

So, How can you know which one is a group board and which one is a normal board?

pinterest marketing strategy
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Look at the above picture.

I have two red marked areas. This little circled area is showing that there are more contributor than one.

That means, it is a group board.

So, you have found the group board. Now what to do?

pinterest marketing strategy
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Focus on the read marked area. This is the bio section of a Group board.

In this section, the owner has told us what to do to become a contributor or to join the group board.

We have to follow all of their boards and send them a message via that board with “Pinterest profile URL” as well as we have to send an email to them.

So, what is the difference between a group board and your own board?

At the beginning, How many followers do you have? It might be 50-100. right?

But in a group board their might be 20,000 followers available.

Check in the above image.

In that group board there are 19.18k followers.

That means, if you publish any pins in that group board, you will be going in front of 19.18k people.

Your pins will have more attraction and you will see growth faster.

Tip 11: Learn from Other successful Pinterest Experts

So, let me tell you a simple marketing strategy.

I have learned this strategy from Affiliate marketing.

The strategy: Don’t try to make new things from your own, Try those things that are already working.

Did you get it? Please comment down below, what you have understood from this line.

Now, let me simplify the term.

In Pinterest, there are a ton of publishers working for many years.

They are working as a Pinterest experts as well.

The main traffic source of their blog is Pinterest.

And the main factor is, they are gaining over 300k visitors on their blog per month.

So that means, they are working on a strategy that is working for them.

As a beginner, you don’t have enough knowledge to implement new Pinterest marketing strategies.

Pinterest experts have tried a lot of strategies and implemented on their business.

And after a lot of struggle they have achieved success on Pinterest.

So, what is your task now?

You have to just collect ideas from different Pinterest experts.

Just search different queries on Pinterest and go to the creators profile.

See their monthly viewers and look at their design and overlay texts.

How are they pinning throughout the day and what type of content are they pinning.

I am learning new things daily from other Pinterest experts. I would recommend you to analyze other Pinterest experts daily.

That’s how, you will know about Pinterest more and more.

Tip 12: Treat Pinterest like a search engine

pinterest marketing strategy
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Always remember this thing for using Pinterest for marketing.

Becaue, if you treat Pinterest like social media platform then you can’t grow on Pinterest.

because, people spend their time on Pinterest for solving problems or learning new things.

Such as, they are here to learn DIY projects, Different types of recipes, Productivity lessons, How to start an online business, etc.

In Google, we make a search query and see some headlines and meta descriptions but In Pinterest, we make a search query and see some pictures.

Whichever picture we like we can click and each Picture linked to a blog/youtube/landing pages etc.

In Pinterest followers like Instagram or Facebook are nothing.

The only thing that matter is quality content and quality visuals.

If you can make visuals that stands out all over the competitions then you will get more click.

After getting click from people if you have quality content then people will spend time on your blog.

This is the green signal for Pinterest as well as Google. Pinterest will automatically rank your pins at the top.

In Pinterest, you have to solve other problems and that’s how you will gain attraction.

Obviously, It can be the source of making money. Because you can drive traffic to your blog and from the blog you can make money. Either you can directly start promoting affiliate products on Pinterest.

If you want fast growth then Pinterest for marketing is the best option for you. Either you can have a targeted audience in Pinterest that will help you to make sales more.

If you follow the best practices after the latest update, you can build a successful Pinterest marketing strategy within one month. (Up to 100k monthly viewers)


So, the topic “Pinterest marketing strategy” comes to an end.

By following these 12 tips you can create a good Pinterest marketing strategy.

If you are searching for a quality Pinterest marketing strategy for fast growth then I assure you, Your time has not wasted by reading this article.

I am not a pro but I have researched quite hard for you.

When I was a beginner, I had a lot of confusion in my head.

I wasn’t able to solve myself. I had studied tons of articles. Combined them all and found these easy actionable 12 tips on How to create a good Pinterest marketing strategy.

But, I don’t want you to hustle and waste a lot of time. Read one article and start implementing these strategies for Pinterest

Please comment here if you know any other tips or strategies on the Pinterest marketing strategy that works for you

So that we can add to this list which we might have forgotten.

A quote from me?

  • I am not a pro but I am in this particular field for many years. That’s why I thought that I can teach you through my articles and that’s why I did some research and wrote about these 12 tips of How to create a Good Pinterest marketing strategy that worked for me.
  • I am personally a blogger, I like to write so much and  I hope this article will help you to learn something from me, and by reading this whole article you can have enough knowledge about using Pinterest for marketing

Like this article writing training? Want to read more stuff?

I am a full-time blogger and solving your all kind of problems related to website stuff and queries like “Pinterest marketing strategy“.

I write articles every single day.

You can find me constantly with different ideas, tips, and tricks.

I have also an article about How to Start a Free Blog for Beginners. Make sure you check this out if you have a passion for being a blogger.

I have a free Blog post checklist for you! Don’t forget to read that also.

Please let me know your thoughts about this post in the comment section. It will inspire me to bring more content like this.

And yes, please tell me what is your Pinterest marketing strategy and what are the best practices you are doing for Pinterest in the comment section. That’s how we can know each other better.

Pin it to a relevant board for later use

pinterest marketing strategy
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pinterest marketing strategy
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pinterest marketing strategy
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  1. Wow – this is such an informational, and in-depth breakdown! Definitely helpful for a lot of new beginners of Pinterest. Great tips! I will remember to “not treat it like other social media accounts” and to “only add my pins to the matching keyworded boards”

    Wonderful advice! Thank you so much!

  2. This is AMAZING! Thanks so much for all this great info and the tips for Pinterest. I am bookmarking this page and I seriously NEVER bookmark anything lol. Thanks again! ps Followed you on Instagram too 🙂

  3. Loved this!!! Super informative. I also found that Tailwind was of no benefit for Pinterest. I do, however, have success with it on Instagram.

    • Yes, Tailwind is not beneficial at all. Because Pinterest wants fresh pin over repinning other content. So don’t waste your money on Tailwind. You can invest that money on other tools! Check the Resources page of min

  4. Loved this!!! Super helpful information. Pinterest drives a lot of traffic to my blog. I also found that tailwind wasn’t any more effective than Pinterest’s scheduling feature. I do, however, use it for Instagram with much success.

  5. Thank you for this!! When you said no Tailwind I was aghast! I have been debating buying it after the free trial but I didn’t know that Pinterest started their own scheduling in-app! Lifesaver!

    • Hey SHea. Pinterest wants fresh pin over repinning other’s content. So there is no benefit of Tailwind Tribes. And yes, I have shared the scheduling system on Pinterest itself!

  6. This was very helpful. I’m a new blogger and I haven’t started on Pinterest yet so I will definitely be using these pointers when the time comes.

    • Yes, It is the best practice for 2020. Because Pinterest wants Fresh pins and If you pinning the same Pin to multiple boards, that’s not considered as a fresh pin.

  7. Thanks so much for the tips! This is really helpful as I have started to see my traffic decrease since the last algorithm change. I appreciate this a lot!

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    • Hey star thanks for reading this article so carefully! Yes, I have read tons of posts of gurus, even I have done paid courses as well. From all of those learning, I have put them in one place!


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