4 perfect Ways to Promote GrooveFunnels (For FREE)

promote groovefunnels

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You already may be heard a lot of things about GrooveFunnels from here and there. If you haven’t yet, I have an in-depth GrooveFunnels Review, you can check that.

In this article, we will be talking about 4 perfect ways to promote GrooveFunnels for Free.

You go into your Groove Funnels dashboard, so there are 3 options either you click to the affiliate program or you click to learn more and then you scroll down to see this one connecting to GrooveSell.

It will load in everything that you have to actually promote the promotion tools to promote Groove Funnels as the product okay so just close this.

The next thing that you need to do is actually get your links.

So what I suggest you go through all of these, click on them and then right-click go to and just see what the difference is between the links.

Not only GrooveFunnels but you can focus on Groove Sell on one product only not only on the package of products so you can see what you actually want to promote.

You can see there is a direct upgrade page. There is a short copy landing page which is some people are saying that it works better than the other ones because immediately when you load it, People can see the video and people can see the checkout page and they don’t have a lot of information.

But the information was provided through the video itself. So in case you want you can do that one as well so just see what works the best for you.

Test it out and play with it but when you decided actually that you want to start promoting, just take a kink for example this one and then go out there and share it.

So you can share it using these promo tools for example you can go to social media and then just click share on Facebook and then you click the button and this text over here will be getting shared with your affiliate link.

But for today I want to show you something that I believe is the best way to promote.

So now you know where to get your link. So now you have a product. This link is your product you are selling people on to click on your link.

So let me just go into the presentation there are actually 4 ways of getting your audience first or getting your product first or actually getting your audience first or getting the audience to find you.

#1. Finding Your Audience

promote GrooveFunnels
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The first way is finding your audience and there’s a script or there’s like It’s something that is universal.

It is already in sales for a long time and the easiest way to sell is to find an audience to understand their problem not just find out their problem but understand them like deeply understand them.

This is actually making the pain and this is making them feel this way and that way so you need to understand the problem and then they’d find a solution and then sell it to them so you have the audience.

You know their problem, you find a solution and you sell this solution to the audience that has this problem.

This is the best way to sell and this is why is the number one way which I usually recommend and using this way you have actually a lot of different ways you know and it’s just like the whole wide world is your market.

After niching down, You can run fb ads, Google ads, etc and target those interests. You can make your own Facebook group about the specific niche and start promoting GrooveFunnels in that group.

Niching Down

What I meant by niche down is, you find a direct audience who needs this product badly.

As you remember I said your product is your link. You have the link to promote GrooveFunnels is your product.

Now, who would actually need your need? This product would actually need access to GrooveFunnels.

Your best guess who actually needs these kinds of products like Groove Funnels for tools with GroovePages, GrooveVideo that is out.

GrooveFunnels is a kind of product that helps people to build funnels, Landing pages, Email Automation, etc.

You have to find those people who are running business with these kinds of things.

For example, Online Marketer, Affiliate marketer, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Coaches, etc.

In these professions, they need funnels for selling their products, they need email automation for connecting with their subscribers, they need a webinar platform for creating webinars.

GrooveFunnels is giving all of them.

You only have to choose those people who are in need of this product.

There are might be many people who are using ClickFunnels, Kartra, LeadPages, etc and Now they can’t afford them further. They want to convert their business to a new tool which is affordable and cheap. You have to find them.

That’s how, you can generate more sales.

So there’s a couple of Facebook users saying everyone I agree with you from the sales point that everybody should just click on my link but not everyone needs this, not everybody feels pain with their problems and then this product will solve their pain.

You have a solution and you have an audience that has a need and this is the need you are providing a solution.

The cure for a problem and this is what you need to find. This is where you need to niche down and find their problems to understand their problems.

But there are marketers in all kinds of different ways there are marketers doing marketing in all kinds of different niches so even if you have marketers even if you have coached you can still niche down.

Every business nowadays needs a website. So That is correct as well people want to create passive income absolutely local business agency owners.

People trying to dropship including niche stores absolutely anyone looking to save money.

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#2. Your Audience Finding You

target audience
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People are looking for solutions by searching or recommend searching or recommendations.

People nowadays depends on search engines like Google, Pinterest, etc. For solving their daily life problems, people simply write the problem on Google and asking for solutions.

Whoever can solve their solutions by giving valuable content, they can earn a lot of money by commissions.

Let’s say, I am a new online marketer and started my online business few days ago. Now I am looking for a website builder or a funnel builder but I don’t have much money to invest.

Now, definitely I will go to Google and make a query about “Free Funnel builder for Online Marketer“.

Now, as a blogger or affiliate marketer, if you have written a post about GrooveFunnels review and it ranked on Google.

Definitely, I would click on your blog post and read the valuable content. If I like GrooveFunnels from your details, then I might click on your affiliate link and start my business with GrooveFunnels.

That’s how, you will earn a commission.

Like How I found you, there will be a lot of people who will find you by searching on Google.

You only have to focus on targeted keyword and rank on that keyword.

Don’t go for super competitive keywords as a beginner. Because people with high authority domains are already ranking on these kinds of keywords.

You have to focus on keywords that has low keyword competition and high search volume.

I highly recommend SEMRUSH for keyword researching. You can find golden keywords in SEMRUSH which are easy to rank and they will help you make more sales by ranking high on Google.

You can promote images on Pinterest as well. And ranking on Pinterest for a specific keyword is way more easier than Google.

Whenever people will search for anything related to GrooveFunnels and you rank on that keyword, they will come to your blog and you will generate more traffic.

#3. “X” vs “Y” Reviews

Promote GrooveFunnels
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When you are actually doing these kinds of reviews, you will see a lot of attraction from people. This is one of the best ways to do in my opinion is to offer solutions.

You are not on the side of one as well as you are not on the side of other.

So, you are actually providing them real help comparing the products.

There is a lot of different products out like you can compare HubSpot to Mailchimp or uber and Lyft and renting versus buying and disk marketing or debt marketing or Groove Funnels or click Funnels and other products.

This is not the only product. You have a lot of options and I didn’t write out a list like with the niches but you can do a lot with comparing the Groove Funnels suite of tools to other tools and there’s a lot I found this image online.

They were comparing different parts of Groove Funnels to other competing products. let’s say you provide content for somebody. That is looking for this answer, “What’s the difference between Groove Pages and click funnels”.

So you actually write out the content you talk about this one. Actually dive into one product to another product and then you show proof.

You show unbiased advice. Don’t say Groove pages is much better than click Funnels. it’s not true.

Every product has its ups and downs. Groove Pages has his ups and downs as well but what you can do is actually be not on one of the sides not on the other side but somewhere in the middle where you just say ok.

So, This is good at this program. This is good in that program but it’s not only ClickFunnels that you can compare Groove Pages with you can compare it to Breezy.

You can compare it with WordPress, you can compare it with Squarespace, You can compare it with so many other Wix and Weebly and I don’t know what other programs are out there.

These are just some page builders. You can also look into it google the best page builders or list of page builders or list of Funnels builders because Groove Pages can build funnels and websites.

So if you provide content on the comparisons like these product versus that product, People will be looking for those solutions looking for those answer and you can be the one that they find.

Don’t say Groove Pages is the absolute winner because then people will know that you are promoting this product.

It is not helpful in case you are on a side of one product and you are actually talking bad about the other product.

#4. Product Reviews and Tests

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The product reviews and tests are very similar to what I just told about X vs Y reviews but It focuses mostly on the one product.

so when you are actually providing a product review

A lot of people do this on youtube and it is a very powerful method because you can see what’s going on and it’s visual.

You can actually see what is the different capabilities of Groove Pages.

You can see what is Groove Sell doing, so you can show as these are visual products you need to see them how to function.

And when you write an article that’s fine but then you still need to provide a lot of screenshots in my opinion.

Product reviews are best in the video format.

Youtube is the most powerul platform to drive massive traffic and get a lot of sales.

By creating video, you can interact more with people and people trust on you because you are showing your face.

By showing face, you are telling them you are a real person and GrooveFunnels solved your problem, saved you a lot of money and by seeing this, people will get inspired and they will purchase from you.

You can make walkthrough videos, you can make a landing pages with GrooveFunnels, You can set up Email automation with GrooveMail.

From these videos, people will understand the product much better.

If you don’t want to show your face, its also okay. You just need to be genuine and you need to have the capability to connect with people.

By average, 30% of random people’s day time passes by watching Youtube videos. So, there’s a huge opportunity for you.

GrooveFunnels is a very powerful product, People will definitely make a query as “GrooveFunnels Review” and if you can rank on Youtube, you can earn a lot of commission by promoting GrroveFunnels.


According to me, GrooveFunnels is the revolutionary online marketing tool that has reduced our costs and headache.

By Only using GrooveFunnels, we can get all the essential thing to start a onine business.

You can build an entire website, You can create landing pages, You can upload videos, You can start blogging with GrooveBlog, Use Email automations, and many more…

And after using it, if you like it and if it helps your business to grow, you can make money by promoting GrooveFunnels as well.

If you don’t have any kind of business, No worries, you can earn a lot of commission by refering GrooveFunnels to others.

This online marketing tool is not competing with ClickFunnels/ Karta/ WebinarJam, It is bringing all of these tools together.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should build a business with GrooveFunnels. I assure you, this product will worth money (The Platinum Plan).

Lastly, I will tell that, Don’t invest too much money and don’t waste too much time by using tons of tools to do your online business. Just pick this all in one Online Marketing tool and become successful.

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