What Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing (You Should Know this)

What Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing

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When you turn into an affiliate marketer, you begin to learn affiliate marketing provisions along with the market lingo.

The majority of them are simple to comprehend, but one which is not easy is the expression named EPC.

What Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing? And why do some affiliate marketers care about doing it?

EPC stands for earnings per click. It’s an industry-wide metric to assess the average commission per 100 clicks. Merchandise owners, affiliate programs, and affiliate marketers use this amount to observe how well a product or industry is doing, in addition to how much money it’s ultimately earning.

In this guide, we will explore the simple comprehension of EPC, how to quantify it, what it means to entrepreneurs and retailers, and the way we all can gain from it.

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What EPC means to an Affiliate Marketer

What Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing
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If you are an affiliate marketer, then you are going to join an affiliate program. They will assign you a product to market, or you could pick one out of the products which are offered for you.

Nowadays, most affiliate programs unite that product’s EPC directly beside these, so it’s simpler for the marketer to estimate if it is the ideal option for him/her.

Now there are two or three things you may understand from this info.

To start with, the EPC of product A signals it is earning a mean of 5for affiliate.

It does not necessarily mean you’ll be earning 5per 100 clicks. If you generate 100 clicks on those products, and nobody buys this product, you will get no commission. Nobody will be paying you commissions if you don’t create it on your own.

Second, many affiliates are discussing the same affiliate link in their blog or site. Suppose two affiliates are operating on this same product. Another affiliate is earning 0. The EPC you see in an affiliate system graph is the amalgamation of all of the standard EPC of an affiliate working for them.

However, EPC can provide you a basic idea of how much of a success rate that a product may have.

But it would help if you found out which product you will have an easier time promoting.

By way of instance, suppose you are encouraging both products A and B for your viewers.

The pricier product A has created a total of 500 clicks from the viewers.

You ended up getting three times as much commission in the product with lesser EPC.

Thus, higher EPC doesn’t always equate to more cash. It is about which products it is possible to market more readily.

Remember that not many affiliates have the same quantity of experience. A seasoned affiliate may lead a lot of visitors to some product. However, a newcomer affiliate may get a better success rate using a product that’s a lot easier to market with lower commission prices.

Furthermore, you may compare different product owners from their EPC to determine who’s paying to their affiliate marketers. On occasion, an overall EPC is reduced since product owners or affiliate programs pay lower than others. It is possible to compare that info to determine which party will appreciate your efforts longer.

Earnings per click explain to you just how much cash you make from every 100 clicks. Thus you do not need to track each click.

Why EPC is An Important Metric for Affiliates

epc metrics
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When you register to be an affiliate to your business logo, you will generally receive a special affiliate link to review on your site or anywhere on the internet.

If your site followers or visitors click your link and complete specific actions (normally a lead or a sale) about the new site, you receive a commission.

Knowing EPC (earnings per click) can help you decide which products you are promoting earn the affiliate revenue.

Assessing products by their Revenue per Click will enhance your marketing approach by focusing on working, pausing what’s not, and making more income.

Keep in mind you may not see earning for clicks that:

  • Have a high bounce rate.
  • Don’t result in a purchase or sign-up.
  • Result in only a small amount of activity.

How to Calculate EPC (Earnings Per Click)

calculating EPC
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Affiliate networks and affiliate management applications in 2021 generally compute the EPCs of your conversions, but you must understand how this affiliate marketing strategy is calculated.

The simple formula for calculating EPC is Earned Commission ÷ Number of Clicks.

All the products might have different earnings per click EPC amounts.

When product owners affiliate programs, compute your affiliate EPC, they utilize:

  1. The cost of the affiliate supply and the earnings generated in the product’s sales funnel.
  2. The affiliate sale transactions you have made.
  3. The affiliate commission per sale.
  4. The entire amount of click-throughs in your affiliate link.

By way of instance, let us state the product you’re promoting costs $50, and you get $5 each time a visitor buys by your link.

Inside this EPC instance, we will say you offered ten units, and traffic clicked on your link 100 times.

Meaning your earned commissions are the per-sale Commission multiplied by the number of earnings: $50 ($5 x 10 units).

Then, you divide that amount by the number of clicks (100).

So, you got 50 cents on average per click.

The illustration mentioned above is the most fundamental EPC formula. 

Some businesses utilize the EPC per 100 Clicks or EPC for a particular timeframe (i.e., seven evening EPC, three month EPC, etc.) to judge functionality.

Additionally, it is important to know that all clicks rely on your numbers, not unique ones. 

Consequently, if a person clicks your affiliate link on ten occasions, that counts at ten clicks.

Furthermore, the payment system for most partners includes eliminating refunds from the affiliate earnings. If a client returns their product, you won’t receive that cash.

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CPC stands for Cost per click. It is another metric to find out the spending worth of an ad.

For instance, assume you are a product executive, and you have posted an advertisement on Facebook. You have spent 100$ on this advertisement. Just 500 individuals have clicked on this particular ad, and only ten individuals have made a purchase.

So that your price per click is 100$ ÷ 500 = 0.50$

In case your EPC is significantly less than your CPC, you will get rid of money. To earn money in affiliate marketing, it must possess the equation, EPC > CPC.

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How to improve your EPC

You don’t need to create a long-term strategy to increase your earnings per click. What you should do is follow some simple tips, which are listed below. 

Identify the top-paying retailers. It is not so easy in practice. It would be best to establish which retailers pay the maximum and do your best to reach both them and their audience. Good research never hurts anybody. It’s well known that EPCs are not standardized, meaning that different merchants offer you various payments.

Locate the most lucrative website. The important thing here is to understand that different kinds of sites will create different levels of EPCs, but also CPCs. It is understandable. Do the research and choose which website you should be present on.

Choose fast hosting. It is quite simple to comprehend that if folks don’t stay on your website, they won’t click on your affiliate link. Fast hosting can keep visitors on your website more. Do some research and choose a provider that will suit you best.

Keep yourself up to date — be seasonal. When it is Christmas time, relate to a good gift inspiration, and once it is the summer season, connect to some vacation essentials. As a result of this kind of work organization, you can increase your web traffic and EPC quickly, thereby improving your business’s performance. This way, your audience may click on an affiliate link (almost) automatically. And that means greater EPC.

Track important metrics. By significant, we mean EPC, CPC, PPC ads, A/B test results, email campaigns, and affiliate landing pages. EPC and CPC give you valuable insights into your affiliate performance and help correct your strategy. The other metrics can help you to master your articles. You can make some modifications to the ways of communicating with your audience, depending on the outcomes. In a perfect world, such changes will boost your EPC and lessen your CPC.


So the topic “What Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing” comes to an end.

With all these terms and variants used in operation marketing, there has been confusion in the area. With metrics measuring ROAS, CRM, CTR, CPC, PPC, and so many more, the phrases used to explain EPC in affiliate marketing or Earnings Per Click, are no exception.

If you end up in a situation where you think the effort using a greater EPC is the very best choice, discuss it with your Affiliate Manager. They will reaffirm your beliefs or utilize their comprehension to steer you into a much better way — it is a fantastic outcome for you.

In a seemingly simple case like this, it can be simple to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of numbers to monitor:

  • The Number of Individuals who buy after seeing the revenue page
  • the Number of Individuals who register for the webinar
  • the Number of Individuals that Appear about the webinar
  • the Number of Individuals who believe in the webinar
  • the Number of Individuals who believe after the webinar
  • the Number of Individuals who start the voucher mails
  • the Number of Individuals who undergo the mails

By way of example, if a link obtained 1,000 clicks and created $5.00 in commission, EPC will be revealed as $0.50 1,000/100 = 10.


Before going, I’d love to say “thank you” for reading this report.

So a huge thanks to reading all of the ways to the finish.

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